Issues with Aviat Husky on Floats

I am having some issues with my Asobo Studios Aviat Husky on Floats. The plane flys fine but the Flaps which were working fine with take of flaps and full flaps anoe only give me none or Full Flaps. I have reset them to fix the issue without success. Anyone have a suggestion or fix? The other issue I have not been able to fix is the Water Rudders. have tried several things and and can’t get them up for take off and landing and down for taxing on water. I have tryed setting a button on my Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Panel and also using the handle on the right side cocpit using my mouse. Any ideas?
For the person with the Garmin Horizon: I have the same issue so I just use the horizon on the left side of the panel. I figure they (Asobo Studios) will get around to fixing it in a future update. In addition on the Alpha Yoke when the landing and taxi light are on they are actually off and when down in the off position they are on. The Light issue is the same regardless of which plane you are using.

Flaps and water rudder work as expected here. I can only assume your Honeycomb gear is interfering with the default assignments. Do the water rudders respond to CTRL+W?

Thank you for your help and suggestion but CTRL+W had no affect on my water rudders at all. As always they stayed down. I have made several landing on water with no adverse affects but what I have done is allow the plane to glide to a slow pace before attempting to taxi on water which could be an issue on smaller lakes and narrow water ways. I haven’t noticed any issues with runway landing, just being slow and careful and trying hard not to bounce. I also don’t do any short field take-offs or landings. Regarding my flap issue I agree. I will contact Honeycomb to see what they tell me. When I purchased the Husky the flaps functioned correctly where now it is all up or all down with out take off flaps as original. I also fly the G36 and G58 Beechcraft and both are working perfectly. I did receive an update to the Husky for small standard wheels and tires which could have done something.

I do not have your issue, and Ctrl+W works for me great, but I am curious if the water rudder staying down issue is an animation problem or it is really down, because when I have it down during flight it really affects the plane behavior in a noticeable way pulling the plane in one direction.

If you end up stumped, you can always try uninstalling and reinstalling the Husky from the content manager.

Water rudders have no effect whatsoever, up or down. !WATER… :rofl:

They do, they are actually quite effective now. I fly floatplanes quite a bit and since SU6, the water rudders work really great.
Edit: Do you guys talk about water rudders in general or in Husky only? I think the paid add-on planes have not been fixed so Husky and Ju52 rudders do not work properly. Let me check it and get back shortly.

The rudders do work on Husky, both the animation and better turning with the water rudder down.

I was referencing the default aircraft and the Bird Dog, which are the aircraft I own. Please could you tell me on which aircraft the water rudders are effective. I fly floatplanes quite a bit too…Weekend Off in Ketchikan - YouTube I used a water rudder mod to make this.

All Asobo default ones. Cessna 172 g1000 and steam, xcub and shock ultra. Water rudder works great. Turns the aircraft almost on the spot at low speed.

Apologies. I’ve just reinstalled the C172 and I agree that the rudders are working much better than before. Really pleased about that.

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I tried Ctrl + w which did nothing. I have yet to try Ctrl + W, it shouldn’t make any difference but worth a try. I am also going to try holding down the Ctrl key while pressing w and W to see what happens. I am going to remove the Husky and reinstall it next.

Ah that won’t help (I guess), sorry.