It´s getting hot

Summer is coming and my CPU is slowly reaching its heat limit… 90 degrees… I’d rather cancel this flight :grimacing:

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Whoa!!! It’s been over 100 degrees(105 a few times) where I’m at and I’ve never seen a temp anywhere near that. Something is wrong. It’s not the outside temp. I’ve been running the sim for the last 2 hours. The heat index is 97 degrees F locally at 12:06 PM CT. My home is kept at 73 in the daytime and 65-68 at night. I pretty much see the temps in the pic no matter what. Either your PC is in an oven or something is broken.

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Here it’s currently 91 with a heat index of 100 and I have my AC set to 75. I’ve ran my sim for hours with an i9-10900KF, my temp is nowhere near that.

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Personal Comments:

Yikes, that is not good to sustain. Granted the CPU will throttle cycles when it hits TjMax, but it can limit the life of your hardware over time.

Any way to relocate your PC to a cooler area?

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Ouch! This doesn’t feel right, not at 35% CPU utilization either. I’m wondering if the CPU cooling is failing?

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I wonder the same. That or maybe there isn’t sufficient paste on the CPU. Either way, that’s REALLY hot.

I would definitely be going back to basics and checking where the PC is located, what it is sitting on, all fans are clean and working, and there is nothing preventing good airflow through the case, including incorrect mounting of fans.

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That’s very warm! I would make sure it is not a hardware issue, might have something to do with the cooler.

Cheez. Are you sure you correctly applied thermal paste to the cpu? And are getting enough air flow?

Something is wrong there.

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Are you using a water or air cooler @Capekk4584 ?

Do you know whether you are cooling the CPU with air or liquid ? If it is liquid cooling, it could be that the pump has failed, which is known to occur in 3 to 5 years. If it is air cooling, the cooler probably needs to be removed, cleaned and new thermal paste applied. The fact that the GPU is running at 100% at 79 degrees, suggests that it is not necessarily the ambient room temperature that is causing the overheat. :slight_smile:


If you have an Intel CPU, might be worth to undervolt with ThrottleStop. Plenty of turorials on Youtube.

It’s not me with the issue. I’m at 53C. Just fine.

As others have stated, definitely check and re-apply thermal paste if necessary. Several months ago my cores were running well over 100c every time I ran FS. After re-application of paste, I never see numbers higher than in the 70s. Also, when I contacted my PC hardware support person, he said that applying thermal paste is considered normal customer maintenance now, so that’s something to think about.


As said above, check your cooler(s), make sure it doesn‘t suck its own warm air in again and if required change the thermal paste. And if you have put new hardware into an old tower case that can’t handle the heat you might just open the side and put a fan next to your PC during the hot months.

Sorry, I meant to reply to the topic, and inadvertently replied to your post instead. :slight_smile:


ups … forgot the speccs …

Ryzen 5 2600X with orginal AMD … but my MSI Radeon 580 reaches the the same nice 90 degree Celsius not Fahrenheit

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The upside to hating heat, we keep the house at 18c at night and 20c during the day, plus sim is in the basement. GPU never gets over 75!

So you have nothing that helps cooling your PC?
This might inspire you.

At idle room temperature, during gaming below 50°C. And it´s only switched to speed 1, on 3 hell freezes over :smiley:
Temps during gaming, for example Subnautica:


we want see your msfs temps … open up the case should have more effect … but i think the lousy AMD Originals could be the prob … as i built the thing there was no new flight sim in sight so i did not count with that … but its only the MSFS that causes so much CPU heat … many other games run at 60 to 70 max