It seems they have pretty much maxed out the capabilities of the series x already

Quite the achievement, but it begs the question, any graphical improvements the game gets over the next 10 years of support, will they not be ported over to the xbox because of the fact it’s already maxing out the hardware? I think the series x looks incredible, not quite as good as a maxed out PC but close enough, but I was wondering this question moments ago as I can’t see them doing anything else to the console versions without it severely slowing the game down. Already, on series x at least, the game drops below 30 in certain instances.


I think the future relies on Xbox, since that’s what MS/Asobo wants. My bet is there will be newer consoles, i.e. a more powerful Xbox Series X console, that runs the game better. I think it’s still pretty good to sell one console and use the proceeds to buy a new one.

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I wonder the same. At P3D my typical addons (PMDG, FSL, etc) together with the rest of my addons require not less than 10-12 GB of RAM. Granted, it‘s another sim but the amount of memory should be relatively similar in my understanding. So I wonder how and IF such advanced addons will be usable on XBox at all? I have no idea about software development so I wonder whether all it needs is some improvement to the code(s) or whether this is really already the limit. I see a large potential to extend the flightsim community with the xBox system but if it can‘t grow itself anymore that would be weird.

Isn‘t the current version quite new already? If I look at how long it takes for a new xbox or PS version this might take a decade.

The current Xbox is still fairly early in its life cycle but it will eventually be replaced and it’s replacement will naturally be more powerful.

However, with a 5(ish) year console R&D/release cycle I am pretty sure that there will be other cutting edge titles taking better advantage of these advances and grabbing the headlines by the time that next console is released.

The most realistic thing that will happen is that MS/Asobo dial in the optimum performance they can squeeze out of the Xbox X/S (and also PC) within the next year and then leave it at that.

There will be in house DLC, there may be small tweaks to the UI etc and of course there will be 3rd party content, but once the platform is stable performance enhancements will stop.

This is true also of PC. Asobo will dial in the performance and leave it at that. They won’t be chasing each new GPU and CPU development that hits the market.

You think the Xbox version will still see performance improvements then?

Probably better to think of them as stability improvements, but yes, I think there is still a little room for improvement in the code, but it also needs to be recognised that they are probably also very close to “as good as it gets” in terms of what the hardware can handle.

With all the bells and whistles at max this title can be a beast even for very high end PC’s.

Absolutely yes. Just as an example, the Xbox supports ray tracing but MSFS isn’t using it.

Consoles usually see the most powerful games come out a few years after launch. It takes developers some time to 100% target the new console, right now they have to make sure any game they create works on the older consoles as well as slower PCs.

In about 2 years developers can start to ramp up requirements as many more people will have upgraded to the Series X, and we’ll see more powerful games, including MSFS

In terms of GPU, the XBox-X has a very capable device, allowing for 2060S or 2070-performance and DX12.

The current issue is main memory. I wonder if it would be possible to release an XBox console with an additional, empty RAM slot. It should not be too complicated to expand the RAM to e.g. 32GB. They could provide a connector for it on the outside, allowing to “plug in a RAM-kit” you can buy in the Store, to put the extra memory and restart the console, without having to open the case…

In the long run, everyone not running 30xx must probably upgrade. PC’s… XBox’es… when raytracing comes…

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Let’s say a new console comes out in 5 years time, that’s twice as powerful as the X. PC processors, and GPU’s will have likely exceeded that a year or two before.

If MS/A implement new graphical features in the sim, where does that leave S/X users? The graphical options would have to be just that, or only become available when capable hardware is detected.

If they don’t we’ll have the SU5 issue all over again, but this time the console users will be the ones up in arms.

At some point a new version of MSFS will be released, they won’t keep updating this version forever. Just like its worked in the past - eventually you have to move to a new version.


The Xbox series X is more powerful than 95% of the PC out there so I am not sure why you think they are comprising anything. If anything the comprising is coming on the PC side so it can run on multiple set up. That’s the truth. Its why games run on consoles further into the future than they do on PC because they don’t have to comprising as much because the console set up is always the same. Here’s what you should do. Look at the Xbox specs and then build a PC that matches it. It won’t take long to figure out that there’s no reason to compromise anything. I understand PC gamers like to make assumptions about consoles but when they actually look at the data and see that the series X is probably more powerful than the setup they have at the moment then usually they change their tone


Again another assumption that PCs are vastly superior in their capabilities than the Xbox. You shouldn’t make assumptions. Go look at the stats yourself. The Xbox series X isn’t two years behind PC. It has the latest AMD technology RDNA2. It has good processor, great ram and a super fast hard drive. In fact it hurts a lot of PC gamers feelings that this new console is so power for only $500 when they themselves spent thousands on their PC and will continue to spend money into the future while the Xbox will play new games for the next 8 years.

I think you need to read what I wrote again. I was talking about this hypothetical system 5 years from now. So yes I am making assumptions but not what you think.

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Easy answer for your question - have a look on games when a console is new - look on the games when the console is 3-4 Years in the Market… all games looks beter.

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The programmers have learned how to squeeze the most out of it by then.

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Well into the future for consoles it will be the same as it was for the Xbox one which released the Xbox one X years later. In fact there are already plans to release an updated Xbox series X in 2023. There’s no reason this game will be inferior because it’s on console.

I didn’t suggest that either. What I did write was the upgrade of the sim over the next 10 years, and whether that sim will still run on the S/X then.

That are rumors - nothing more.

The Xbox series X is the best console ever built in terms of capability. I understand PC gamers don’t trust trust console gaming because in the past there’s always been some sort of bottleneck on consoles that they can point to and say that’s no good. That’s not the case with this generation because if has good hardware across the board.

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