IVAO Unicom Text Message Not Displaying



After refresh install of IVAO Altitude on MSFS I can’t see text messages (UNICOM etc) on my screen. Normally after any UNICOM post the message should appear on the centre of the screen just like “Online Functionality Lost” warning when we disconnected from server.

Which setting or line I should change on MSFS UI or CFG? On IVAO interface everything is default.

I have tried to find but no success.

Any possible help here.

Kind regards.

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Hello @seagull9280 ,

check in the assistance menu.
I don‘t have the sim open so I can not give you details, but there are several options for different kinds of notifications. I think one of them needs to be switched on.
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the problem is in Msfs2020’s Assistance menu…I confirm.

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Could you please tell me which one I have to change

The setting is named software tips, if I recall correctly.


Exactly. I have enabled tips feature and thats fine then. Thanks for the help. Kind regards.

thank you very much!!

Is there any of you so know if its possible some where to reduce the time the text show, cause its freaky anoting its shows in 30 secounds