January 11th, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

Check out the latest Development Update here:

Please use this thread for feedback and discussion. Thank you!


Two things I noticed:

  1. I’m glad included aircraft are getting updates, but it definitely feels like the Local Legends and Famous Flyers are being neglected. Quite a few of those have long standing issues.

  2. I’m not sure I understand why the Asobo A320 isn’t being replaced by ini’s improved one. That seems redundant to me.


Any chance we could get a roadmap update, please?

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I’m sure that will come in the dev stream end of the month.

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I shared the same sentiment around its announcement. Putting dev effort into fixing and upgrading the existing A32NX made more sense in my opinion, and ini could have used resources on something truly different. A350, A340, a true A319 or A321 even?

Happy to see the Vulcan make it to XBox.

I think the “Web Friendly” link in the post takes you to the older dev update, FYI…

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Avro Vulcan is avalible in official store with weapons? if not what is point in marketing it on OFFICIAL blog as with weapons.

Regarding the Asobo A320, It may be partly because with some third party addons you can’t just load a basic IFR plan using MSFS and go. For those without the time/patience or knowledge of Sim Brief etc it’s good to have a choice.

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Finally the scenery backlog is down to 10. Guessing most of the night enhancements are out :joy:


Please give us updates on when new (and old) bugs from SU14 will be addressed. Especially Frame Generation issues since SU14!!!

Just one, of several, threads we’re people are begging for answers:

And another one:


Waiting for next weeks Night Night enhancement….

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Can we have some explanations about the “Planned MSFS2024+” please ?

If I understand : some feature who supposed to be here since day one, or planned in the future are now planned to be on the next game ?

Then, here is my second question : Any plan to make MSFS 2024 free for people who pay 120 bucks for MSFS 2020 which has been since day 1 : the beta crash-test, unfinished version of MSFS 2024.


PS : I want to thank devs of WT, FBW etc who did an incredible work (mainly for free) to improve avionics, aircraft and give us for free functionality that was supposed to be here since day one.


But now we have City Water Fixes… :grinning: What comes next? City Tree Fixes and City Street Fixes…? :man_shrugging:t4:


Hmm, rather disappointing:

If I understand that correctly, the problem will still be (partly) there in MSFS2024… MSFS2020 will continue having it forever?

I´m guessing that the root cause is not so much DX12 per se but the way MSFS renders ground textures, bummer.


(This is not an official response)

I think it is just as it sounds-it will be in the release for MSFS2024 :slight_smile:

(Also my opinion)

Think of it this way: it is just like the Madden series. There is a new one every year, and each year you have to pay full price. This is probably no different. And keep in mind too that 20 years ago there was a new Flight Sim every two years :smiley: I think we would be lucky if even we got a discount on it.

Again, just my thoughts and opinions. Cheers! :airplane:


Any plan to make MSFS 2024 free for people who pay 120 bucks for MSFS 2020 which has been since day 1 : the beta crash-test, unfinished version of MSFS 2024.

Remember the days when you had to go to a computer store to get an addon pack, and that singular (floppy) disk had maybe two cities on it and nothing else? And you had no idea how well it would work until you installed it, if it would even install correctly? I wasn’t flight simmimg much as a kid, but I certainly remember seeing those big boxes on shelves, and I remember the jank-filled days of DOS/Windows.

We have it pretty good these days, I think.

In the era of free-to-play garbage that’s monetized by hoovering up data off my device and trying to manipulate me into spending money on cosmetics, I’ll gladly outright pay for FS24. I paid for the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS, and I’ll gladly pay $120 again for 2024. I have over 1,000 hours of MSFS logged, I got my money’s worth. I imagine I’ll get my money’s worth out of FS24 as well.


I was a programmer and didn’t work in Marketing and Sales, but after readiing the official 2024 pages and FAQ, my guess is that if it were going to be free in any way for anyone they’d have mentioned that.

The FAQ notes that …it will include several new airliners." so I would imagine that they’ll offer more to Premuim or Premium Deluxe purchases than we got in 2020.

Here’s the link if you missed it - you can read it and make your own conclusion, but I’d bet my Longitude that there’s no chance this is going to be a free upgrade. Extra stuff probably, but free, no.

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What’s strange with those is, as far as I can understand it, the 'Enhanced Photogrammetry ’ package that released on the marketplace a while back seems to do exactly the same job - but covers all photogrammetry areas worldwide.
Maybe I’m missing something though?:thinking:

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Pretend it is free and you’re just paying $70* for the 14+ aircraft that comes with it. We all have our own opinions of worth, but for me that alone is worth it. But even more so, it’s worth knowing that the money going towards this will likely mean a longer window of support and many more years of flight to come.

*assumption of what the standard edition will cost


I’d have thought that the ‘+’ means it won’t be in 2024 at release but is planned for some time after. So no guarantees at all.


I would assume that the + means that it will come in 2024 (and possibly an update to 2020)