January 4th, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

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The development update says that Inibuilds OMDB was released for PC/XBOX, however I’m not seeing it. I see 24 products as “new”- however that includes the
F-14 Tomcat… Also, if I search OMDB the Inibuilds version doesn’t appear. I’m on PC btw.

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No update on inibuilds a320n… sad.

What update are you expecting? They’ve already said it was pulled and will need more work before it’s released?

Read on a forum that someone dm’d inibuilds and they’ve allegedly fixed stuff on their end, waiting on asobo’s end.

Still will require testing to make sure it hits the appropriate fail rate. So could be months before we get it. Hopefully this pushes inibuilds to look at all of their release since some don’t work as well as they should on XBox (or at all in the case of KJFK).

I think Asobo have said that the Ini A320 will be included in the next round of beta testing whenever that starts. Presumably since it’s quite complex they want the extra testing, after all it seemed to help last time.

Great to see the marketplace backlog heading down to something more reasonable again.


Where is de Inibuilds Dubai in MP ?
Schermafbeelding 2024-01-05 070931
Ingame i dont se him in the store ?

In what universe is that a YF-23?


Asobo really needs to do something about the Marketplace. How can it take more than a year to get an update submitted by the devs? LIRF still isnt updated. Singapore wasnt updated even though it was annnounced as updated.

I mean I spent over 200$ this Christmas alone on Marketplace. Yet somehow Asobo doesnt seem to think it is worthwhile to give us the same support as other marketplaces? Do they not want People to buy from MSFS Marketplace or what is the signal here? Also the support could be much better on this. None of it seems to follow the MS guidelines on how to offer support to customers.



The marketplace has nothing to do with Asobo, this is all on Microsoft.



And that is the exact reason why I see absolutely no point for a PC user to use the marketplace.

When it was first announced I had very high hopes that the times of multiple stores and installers are finally over.

I made a purchase on the marketplace in the early stages and soon realised that updates are not only not pushed directly but can take weeks or months before finally reaching the user.

The same applies to new releases and I moved on to the old habit of getting my addons through other vendors where updates and new releases are dropped the same day.

But in all fairness: that is not an Asobo issue.
The marketplace is exclusively run by Microsoft.


Hi @RAVW1971,

Thanks for making us aware of this issue.

Having quickly investigated it further, it seems this image was mistakenly placed on yesterday’s Dev Update. The product in question has not yet released on the Marketplace, but hopefully will do very soon! We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

The MSFS Team


MSFS universe.

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You may not see the point but I am a Business Owner and MS provides proper Invoices which is important for those who use this for other means than leisure. There are several reasons except for the most obivious, by buying from Marketplace we ensure further free products and other dev. Which is why no part of my brain can comprehend why this isn’t taken more seriously. It makes all the business sense to prioritize this. Having worked myself with MS Support I can testify that we took great care of escalating serious issues when they occured.

Other reasons for me are. a) Better currency rate. b) Centralized expense reporting for all MS purchases (as in non flightsim too).

Now MK Studios were kind enough to provide me with a free version from Sim Market but this shouldn’t be necessary. MK is what I would calll a AAA dev and should be treated better (just my opinion).

Thanks. I hope MS/Asobo starts to take this seriously. We all want this Sim to thrive.


Now that is a mistake I can understand at least ;). I assume same goes for Cloudsurf Singapore?

As far as I am aware at this current time there is no issue with the Cloudsurf Singapore scenery. I’ve just loaded into the sim myself and in the Marketplace the product shows updated, and I also have an update available in the Content Manager. I have just updated the product from 1.6.0 to 1.7.0 successfully in the Content Manager.

The MSFS Team

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No update available here I am afraid. Maybe that was the issue all along? Some testers are using some stage environment to get their updates?

I’m not on any staged environment, I am on the public release that all users have and the 1.7.0 update was available when checking this morning. If we start to receive more reports of this issue I will make sure the Marketplace team are made aware to double check.



Marketplace is absolutely a big failure. Sad to see as it had so much promise.

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