Japan Tour Flight Plan For those Who Missed It

For @S1oppyTuna and @hubopotam

Since the Live Event gets cycled every so often, some folks don’t get a chance to fly it. I saved the Japan Tour as a Flight Plan, and the advantage is you can substitute your favorite plane, not just be compelled to fly the King Air.

Note: I have approval from Moderators Team to post this, I am not attempting to infringe upon MS-Asobo IP. :smiley:

This is lifted directly from the Live Events folder, no modifications by me, and no guarantees by me. It loads every time on my configuration.

Take the file and save it to your C:\Users\YourLocalUserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator folder.

When you load FS. Go to Free Flight, Load the Plan and enjoy!

LiveEvent.PLN (7.8 KB)


Thank you for the plan,bring back the nice tour!

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Thank you, I skip the tour since I still have to master the King Air. Now I can fly it with the TBM 930.

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Think it’ll work with the C172?

Tried it with the King Air and completely and utterly lost it! :smiley:

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It’ll be a long trip, I think you’ll need some fuel (and virtual bio-break stops). :smiley:

I broke it up into legs, and used the Pipistrel. It’s my go-to plane for sightseeing because of the big side windows. I love the nearly panoramic view when zoomed out from the pilot seat.

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Yep, you’re right. It loaded perfectly into Little Navmap and told me I had insufficient fuel capacity for the trip. So I’ve broken it down into two stages and will give it a go.

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Thank OK I have at new Japan Challenge

Is there the list of points of interest as for the USA update? Like this I mean:

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The flight plan may have POIs added as waypoints (I haven’t flown it in a while), so when you load it in Free Flight, zoom in and take a look at the path. But no, I didn’t list the original POIs separately.

If you follow the flight path, the POIs are close enough you can tell what you’re supposed to see or look for. Alternatively, enable POI markers in the Assistance Settings.

I did that(turning on POI markers), but at 9000 feet when they appear 5NM and that’s really too close.

Also had some weirdness with ATC, cancelling my flightplan just before landing at Tokyo.