Japan update coming next week

Believe away

That’s something that was confirmed even before launch. So yeah, we are.

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Let’s agree that you have your own views of what’s a valid site for reviews and I have my own. Apparently anywhere that doesn’t agree with you is considered a den of negativity.

I also have my own opinions on who would actually downvote a YT video. I’m sure you think I downvoted that too right?


As for my question, you did not answer. You just said the software is too complex. I was asking about a specific software development practice, which you implied in a previous thread, where they test the main use cases. You brought this up about software development, so I am just following you off-topic.

So assuming they knew about this bug because they did test, the next question is why they had to release the product in this state. Don’t tell me that you know they follow standard software practices when we have evidence they are cutting corners.

Btw, i fully agree that there is a “separation of concerns” between scenery personnel and software personnel. I’m hoping after Japan update, they have started working on fixing scenery bugs.

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Neither am I. Pilot error?

Testing something does not automatically imply:

1: realizing a bug exists
2: 100% avoiding that something else happening after the test doesn’t indirectly cause something that breaks it anyway.

You’re assuming that they either did not test it, or they tested it and knowingly released the bug instead. That’s a fallacious assumption.

You don’t need to follow me off topic, because I never went off topic. I was talking about scenery development and this is a post about scenery.

See my thread here. I have 80 hours in the TBM in MSFS using VFR, IFR, ILS, AP and any other TLA you care to name. Is it perfect? No, but it works very well for me.

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I want a Ferrari…

Agree totally. Great congratulations to them

I am jazzed about this update! I have already flown some in Japan and was really enjoying the unique layout of the smaller villages in the countryside. Mt. Fuji Already looked awesome. I am really looking forward to flying around the interior mountains and general sightseeing.

I can’t wait to see what area gets the next map update!

Also, I am saddened to see people continually disrupt threads and derail them. I just hope some people follow through with their threats and self-report themselves for continually straying from topic and derailing the thread. There are other threads that are more appropriate for technical support and discussion of bugs that some here are determined to interject into every thread.

From the flight simulator forum code of conduct: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/guidelines

Non-Constructive Posts: Spamming, Trolling, or Topic Bumping
These forums are an excellent tool for us to collect feedback and keep up with issues that are important to the community. Being intentionally disruptive, derailing threads, creating threads meant to act as ‘votes’ or petitions instead of discussion points and creating posts or threads intended to cause unrest in the forums are not behaviors conducive to this goal.

This includes, but is not limited to, bumping threads (except for Multiplayer sessions), discussions that deviate from Microsoft Flight Simulator, and posting memetic images or phrases that add nothing to the discussion.

Now on to Japan!


You specifically mentioned and called out someone about not understanding “Software development practices”. I’m in turn saying you can’t tell me that Asobo is following the same software developement practices you mentioned.

I’m too lazy to find it now, so go ahead and edit it to “Scenery development”.

As for the testing, there’s no way you can tell me if you followed the standard checklist on the A320 as stated, that the bug with the engines will not be found. If it was not logged as a bug and triaged appropriately, that’s either because

  1. The tester didn’t follow instructions and skimped on this duties
  2. This is called regression testing and they should have an internal build with the previous version to compare results. They would have found out that it was working before.
  3. overrode by management , which leads to them knowing about the bug

So you’re right. I was assuming that they did not test or knowingly released software. I didn’t include user error during testing. Still doesn’t look good.

I’ll concede this to you if you can tell me how this engine failure on the A320 could not be caught by the simple software development standard of manual regression testing a basic use case (i.e. following the checklist of the main airliner in the product).

edit: added reason 3: management override

And as you obviously don’t work for Asobo either, meet your friends on my mute list

The rest of the thread would have told you quite clearly that I was talking about scenery design, which is in topic, you changed subject to bug testing, which is not. I don’t need to edit anything.

We can stop here, because I already answered your question to my satisfaction (and yours is irrelevant to me), and you’re going increasingly off topic in your attempt to disingenuously play devil advocate.

There are already plenty of threads whining about bugs. Feel free to find one.


Thank you.

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I think it’s part of the AZURE thing, they will probably continue updating the world (mesh, cities and some airports, POI) for free

Never knew about airports, especially since there are some behind paywall. I do agree with mesh and cities.

Does anyone know what time i can expect the update to get online? I just know 29. but… 29. in japan or 29. in Los Angeles?

Not sure how accurate/reliable my research is, but the last twitter post notifying of the patch was at 10:03 AM · Sep 16, 2020. This was pacific (-8) time.

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Other updates came in the early afternoon American time.

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It seems to appear when it appears, without rhyme or reason.

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I’ll check it out. Thanks.