JetStream Designs Orly Airport (LFPO)

I can’t f**** buy almost no large airport. What’s the fun of that when you love to fly real world airline routes. It’s getting very frustrating, I’m sorry.


I do not install Beta SU . Don’t want to loose all my ability to fly with my Xbox

I know that frustration well, and I feel for you. I really do. I was on XBox for 8 months, and only converted over to PC about 2 months ago.

Work with the vendor to have them work with Asobo to fix whatever the underlying reason is. I know its all going to take time. Eventually if they get XBox stabilized, the sim will be a joy again.

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I know people have different experiences but in general I’ve had fewer CTDs with SU9 beta, it’s just this particular addon airport that is now unusable for me. Soon this beta will be a required update (I assume there is no opt-out for updates) so everyone will be on SU9.

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I can run FlyTampa KLAS on my Xbox Series X but I really have to focus on moving/panning my view slowly and not doing too much at once while taxiing into a gate. If I try to do too much, it can (and has) given me CTD. It’s a fair tradeoff though for such realism in a small package and so I deal with it. My PC setup is much more stable with these large third-party airports.

I’m finding the scenery crashing with the latest update and beta on x box

Same immediate CTD. I was hoping for the best when I saw the update but it’s even worse…

I enrolled to SU11 beta last night and LFPO by jetstream designs works again.

Was broken several updates ago.

Apparently Microsoft/Asobo has fixed memory leaks as mentionned in the release notes. Maybe it had to do with that.

Even under SU10 the addon did not work.

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Hi sttovo,

Could you please tell us how you did this as I am playing MSFS on PC as well and still having this issue with LFPO.


For me, on PC, this isn’t needed anymore. The addon loads fine like any other.

My understanding on Xbox there’s no way to reorder addons.

If you’re on PC you can do this by going to the General options, then Experimental, and turn on the Package Reorder Tool.

Find the airport in the list and move it all the way to the bottom of the list using the down arrow.

Let me know if you have more questions.

Xbox is fine as well. It never crashed on me since SU11. Great airport.

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The LFPO airport that I have bought from the MSFS Market Place is still in version 1.2.4 (July 16th 2022). But the actual version of the airport is 1.3.0 (Febuary 2nd 2023). The problem is that I can not use this update because of the Market Place delay. JetStream told me that I have to way for this update in the Market Place … This is very boring - In Contrail the update is available but gain, I can not get it !