JFK runway 4L ILS off to the left

New pilot with under 300 hours flight time. Every time I try to land at JFK runway 4L ILS it’s always off to the left… I just tried a 0 visibility down to the deck and found that the runway was off to the left. To late to wave off… CRASH!!! Yes, I consider an off runway landing a crash.

Anyone else having this issue or is it me?

22r also totally left from ILS

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Hi Sartanius,
Thanks!! and sorry!! for posting in the wrong area. :frowning: Think we need a new pilot community forum. :slight_smile:

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I’m trying 4L again. This time… clear sky landing. I cant afford anymore crashes/ lol

Pilots IRL aren’t supposed to do this right :interrobang:


It’s definitely me. I just finished a flight to JFK 4L/ ILS. Perfect landing. I don’t understand this.

HethrMasn Girls Just Want to Have Fun. lol

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I’m no expert but your localizer appears to be pointing in the opposite direction of the runway, and your game version appears to be out-of-date. Did you snap that last photo today? (well, I guess the file name indicates so)

HethrMansn Yes, I just took that photo. Does the Loc change when you get to near to the runway? Game version out of date :0) How do I check and update it? Is that in the marketplace? Thanks!!

This photo was taken just before that other one. LOC looks correct. LOC/AP/GS all locked and in the green.

Okay. I think I misunderstood you. I just tried ILS 04L and LOC is lining up for me too.

The current version of the sim is and you can get that from the MS-Store/Xbox app or Steam.

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HethrMasn: Thanks for helping out a newbie pilot. :grinning:

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AppearedSky9634: I just landed 22R. Yep, happened to me too. Left from ILS.
MSFS 2020 is going to drive new pilots like me crazy, I won’t know if it’s me or MSFS.
I always assume it’s me. :face_with_peeking_eye: Oh NO! crashing again!!

Look where the 109.5 Localizer DME is in relation to the 22R runway (it’s right above “Set as departure” in my pic). It’s an “Offset LOC”:

Hey there again, @JackieStar41. After some further internal discussion, it was decided that ILS issues should be here in the #self-service:atc-traffic-navaids category. Sorry for all the disruption. Final move… I promise.

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Important note for pilot in training: Always have the approach chart when flying an instrument approach. In this case the JFK ILS or LOC 22R is clearly marked OFFSET LOC. The localizer is offset 2.5 deg. The reason is simple, there is no land beyond the opposite end of the runway (04L) for a localizer antenna so it is placed along side the runway instead thus creating the offset. ILS or LOC 4L does not have an offset localizer, two different ILS systems but both sharing the same frequency (this is very common).


Hi Downscc: Thank you for responding and for that very interesting information. So how would a pilot correct for this and still use ILS? or should I try and learn RNAV and use that instead?

I’m using FltPlan Go for my charts and not sure how to find the LOC offset information.

Thanks again for that helpful info.

The offset does not make the approach unflyable. If you look at the approach chart you’ll see the minimums are higher than the typical 200 ft AGL due to the offset. One should be hand flying and have runway in sight before going below those mins. Free charts are available from many sources including Flightaware, Airnav, and the FAA.


Downscc: Thank you for that helpful info. I’ll checkout the free chart sites. I’ve been hand flying everything down to the deck and without bouncing down the runway anymore. lol I’m now trying to learn ILS and RNAV to do 0/ near 0 visibility landings.

ILS is not meant to fly all the way down to the runway?

Thanks again for responding and helping a newbie pilot.

I fly the
Diamond DA62
Cessna CJ4
F14 I LOVE!!! flying the Tomcat. Beautiful aircraft (IMHO)

I’ve been doing a lot of Atlantic city to JFK 4L runs to try and learn.

Ok! this time on landing I got PIT What is that? Also, what is the blue Y and R on the left hand side?

Again! thanks for helping a newbie pilot not be a menace to navigation. lol

I just watched Mastering GPS Procedures and OMG!! did I learn a lot. I thought ILS was the best (best might not be the correct word) but it’s not. I just did a flight to JFK 4L using RNAV (GPS) LPV and it took me all the way down to the deck. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes, I understand not all airports will have LPV and I need to be able to use ILS but as a new pilot, I’m liking RNAV LPV. :slight_smile: