Joystick response since latest patch

First of all lets give kudos to Asobo for this latest patch. I appear to be one of the lucky ones.

Since the update ive noticed a difference in my joystick response compared to the last patch. It appears I need to use much more input in my joystick to get the plane to rotate both vertical and horizontal.

I find myself over correcting alot now where previously I had great feeling in the controls.

I tried to play around in settings but would your suggestions?

Would it be a deadzone or sensitivity issue?

Thanks and appreciate the help

I noticed the same issue.

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Try a re-install of the drivers

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Loads of threads about changes in the sensitivity settings that have been changed. Before reinstalling anything, play around with the response curves in the controller settings…

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Thank you very much!

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Do the sensitivity setting again. They changed the settings options.

this is an utter disaster.
no matter how much I play with the sensitivities there is no way to get back the sort of soft and progressive response from my T16K like I had before this “patch”.
time to get back to the drawing board and have a real feature to prepare curves for each one’s personal preference, just like we had in many other sims for years, e.g. DCS.
The situation, as of now, is unplayable.


What you are feeling is a GOOD thing. A response to user’s complaints from day one.

Real airplanes do not use logarithmic curves. Linear response is how the real world works.
You want a sim? Go to zero and feel what an airplane feels like.

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Not true for all aircraft. In fact, bellcranks, control horns, fly-by-wire, etc are anything but linear. Ailerons especially are designed to be non-linear to offset adverse yaw.

True. Oversimplification.

please edit this

there are many mistakes here.

not even your car brakes have a linear response. not even a savage cub is linear. the faster you go the more force will be required to move ailerons/elevator and counteract the plain and simple aerodynamic force.
and, again, FBW are not linear as well.

I’m experiencing exactly the same! The feel has gone now for me and I’m afraid messing around with the sensitivity or deadzones won’t really help. There is a micro delay when moving joystick then the plane suddenly moves to catch up which is why you’re having to over correct. I think they have messed it up and bit

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You may be right about all the eclectic physics. My joystick is now linear instead of curved, and that’s a GOOD thing. Including your beloved FBW which is not accurately simulated in MSFS, every aircraft in the simulator is controlled by the Windows control interface. That is a linear analog scale. If you apply a curve to the control calibration you get fine control in the min movement with increasingly coarser control as you move the control further. This makes precise control on the outside edge of control travel impossible. This may be exactly what you want when making fine adjustments but as the aircraft control surfaces become less effective and more stick movement is required you rapidly loose precision. I don’t know about you but I am interested in having a simulator that, within the limits of PCs, is as accurate as it can be. After flying for almost 50 years, I know what an airplane feels like. We have a way to go here, but this is a huge leap forward. Just go back to 0%, learn to actually fly the plane the way the developers meant it to be. If you still feel the need, adjust the curve to make it easier.

FYI, there is a reason that, when asked how accurate a given MSFS aircraft is, real life pilots usually respond with, “pretty good”, “not far off”, etc. The flight models, with a couple exceptions obviously, are close but the lack of feel makes the evaluation almost impossible.

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pointless trying to interact with you.

while I don’t believe at all that you flown 50 years I will give you anyhow an explanation.

real airplanes have sticks rooted at about 90cm from your hand, on the aircraft. same for a yoke. it is half a meter away from you.

our armchair pilots sticks and yokes are mostly standing on a table, at about 10cm from your hand.
a movement of 1cm on a real airplane stick corresponds to (e.g.) about 0.5° deflection.
the same 1cm movement on your armchair pilot is about (e.g.) 10° deflection.
that’s basic trigonometry.

so yes, the sensitivity are all over the place.

you keep your linear feedback, I want more control over the setting, no one asked to break what your like but only to allow customization.
that’s how software products work, it’s about user personalization.


Officially, I stand completely corrected and humbled that you would take the time to set me straight.

I did, but not working…