Worse sensitivity settings than before

In previous versions, the control was perfect with a sensitivity of -85%, an exponential curve was drawn.
Now -85% is unusable, but with no other setting can I achieve a perfect exponential “S” curve. There are constant fractures in the curve:
Any ideas? I need something like this, a curve without fractures:


Same for me. It’s impossible to have a smooth flight this way!

Great that they postponed the update due to autopilot troubles… But somehow this was working as intended? I’m starting to loose more faith in asbobo update after update. It s a real shame.

Trying to achieve the same. First takeoff after update was scary … LOL.
Another thing … that NEUTRAL slider … once you moved it away from “0” you cannot get it back to “0” . it is either -1 or +1

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@smithr3, Yes, that’s true too.

same for me, flat curve: unsensitive.

This one, unsentive for 50% of move then violent.
Autopilot becomes violent with pitch

This one is uncontrollable:

In all case, NEUTRAL is useless because commands are no more centered.

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