Joystick won‘t react when pressing the right mouse button in cockpitview since sim update 5

Can someone help me maybe? This all happens after update 5…

Check your Accessibility settings in options (Cockpit Interaction System) try legacy.

Hm seems all fine for me… i dont know why this happens

Same for me. The joystick stops responding when looking around with the mouse. I have the mouse control set to legacy, nothing to do with that. When holding the right mouse button and looking around, the joystick is blocked.

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Same. Thankfully I mostly fly VR, but when flying flat screen it’s very annoying. When on base leg, I look to the runway (right-click and move mouse) to prepare my turn to final except the plane won’t roll (Honeycomb Alpha Yoke) until I release the mouse.

Legacy mouse mode.

I have the reverse. The mouse cursor disappears when panning using the hat switch on the joystick.

I have the same problem here. My Logitech Flight Yoke system becomes unresponsive as I hold right click to move the camera around the cockpit and occasionally the allerions become stuck. Not a great experience when landing.

For workaround I’ve re-binded the mouse button to activate freelook instead.

I am having the same problem as well, checked all settings and even reinstalled MSFS, pretty sure this is another SU5 problem.

Same problem

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Same issue here. Definitely a bug. We need more votes on this.

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same issue here, and yes I have set it to legacy assistance.

I have filed a bug request under: 117981

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I have what I think is the same issue.

For me though it doesn’t involve the mouse.

On my Thrustmaster Warthog, I’m using the trigger as brakes. If I hold the button, the brakes work as expected. However, if I hold that brake button, I can’t press any other button on my joystick. That includes buttons to pan the view. As soon as you hold 1 button, it appears to block all other input. For things like holding the brakes, there are very good reasons for having to send 2 inputs from a single device at the same time.


Is there some solution to this bug i missed except using the middle mouse button?
It still extremely annoying but no one talks about it anymore for some reason.

I have the have the Thrustmaster T16000 FCS w/Throttle. For around a month I’ve been going nuts trying to get my hat to look left, right, etc. in the cockpit BUT no joy!!! It works fine when outside the aircraft. At the same time all this happened, I lost the ability to ‘Zoom’ with my mouse wheel. I’ve been on the phone w/Thrustmaster, downloaded updates, calibration is fine. Problem seems to be the game or settings. Doesn’t matter whether in Legacy or not, same issue either way. If it’s settings then I need some help. If it’s the game then we all need some help.
My Dad flew for the Air Force, I was Air Crew in the Navy and had a private ticket. To expensive to keep going so this game filled the spot. I’ve switched to the business 400 speed d/l from Spectrum and just waiting for Costco to stock up again with the Xbox series X and I’ll hook it up to my TV.
But… this controller thing is sapping all the joy out of the wait !!!

I’m thinking Microsoft doesn’t monitor this thread, haven’t seen them respond with any helpful suggestions.

No they don’t.
You need to open a ticket with Zendesk (see top right of forum for link)


Same issue for me. I can work with the “middle button” solution, although that’s not great as the middle button on my mouse (like most I guess) is also the scroll wheel. For me its only been an issue since

I have the same issue. If I hold the right mouse button to manipulate the eyepoint I lose all controllers. I have Saitek X45, Rudders and Throttletek G-Throttles. Nothing responds when the button is depressed.

I have opened a ticked, but it is immediately flagged as “SOLVED” which it is clearly not!

Same issue here, using a TCA Sidestick. My dad who uses a Saitek X52 however don’t have this issue at all weirdly (nor the disappearing mouse cursor/setting it to the top left corner when panning view). could it maybe be a hardware dependant issue?