June 6, 2024 Development Update Blog Discussion

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Haha AH literally dropped three planes in a row! By the way, I was curious about how they made that C-47D and Waco promo video? Does it mean that the sim supports glider towing and paratroop deployment in multiplayer mode? Or did they do anything to enable that? This really looks cool.

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Find it out today on Fly-in Friday.

What did they say in the last live stream about the top gun expansion?

It is deleted completely, it could continue downloading even if it is deleted, etc… My spoken English is very bad.

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Yes it seems to me and my understanding that, if you have ever downloaded the TopGun Maverick DLC it will always be available to you. Even if you deleted it from your content manager. It will still be in your “uninstalled” portion of the content manager. It will just be unavailable to those who did not download before the cutoff period. They didn’t get into details but the “Licensing” from paramount has been extended.

[Jorg] Ah! Yeah, that thing. So last time there was sad news at the very beginning I said [that] our contract with Paramount [expired] so we have to take this down. And in May, I read the comments (I always read the comments afterward) after the sessions and everyone was like “ah, that’s a bummer.” So I ended up talking to Paramount and said “Hey, are you really sure you want to take this down? The community loves it and people want to keep playing” and I think they said “Hm. Leave it on for now and let’s talk more.” So I can’t guarantee that this is a longer-term thing but I really don’t know, I really don’t know what Paramount will be looking for for this, so we have it for another two months, and I will keep it as long as we can keep it.

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Has the “Top-rated aircraft sale” started in the Marketplace yet?

There are items on sale, but it’s tough to know if the week-long top-rated sale has actually started yet?

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Wondering same thing, not a word since it was announced, suppose to be today but not seeing any market place updates

I wonder if there’s an official discussion thread for the 2024 release trailer? Looks like we get quite a lot of new planes built-in? Especially that autogyro looks very new to me.

Going full speed ahead here


Thanks a lot! Apparently the forum search function isn’t that forgiving :joy: Plus it doesn’t get an official-discussion label

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