Just Flight A300B4

I think this a new video as YouTube shows only a few views and an upload date of yesterday. It looks amazing…


I’m sorry this looks great and all, but there should hopefully be an FMS version, nobody fly’s the non FMC version anymore.

I know many want less Glass, but a lot of us do want glass, so is this no a Just Flight version and hoefully the inbuilds version?


Imagine flying this online with shared cockpit, with both a first officer and a flight engineer.

+1 for an FMS version.

ps: absolutely love the narration tone of the presentation. It is so assertive showing that these guys know what they’re doing, so it ensures the potential customer that they’re getting into a truly high fidelity experience.


How did you get access to an unlisted video? Are you sure we were meant to see this?

It’s on public YouTube in the JustFlight channel… :shushing_face:

I was browsing their latest videos and it was near the top. They may have posted it by mistake but I haven’t done anything special.

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It’s certainly unlisted now. I feel bad for Just Flight. They have a presentation at 2pm Saturday to announce their new airliner, and it looks like somebody accidentally pushed this video to public when they uploaded it.

That being said, it’s a very exciting plane and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.


That looks awesome! Is that the future brother of the Simcheck A300B4-200? The modeling looks really stunning and immersive. I hope they were able to achieve immersive sound for it… I’m not sure if it’s the same as what Inibuilds is doing, but it looks way better (at least from the renders…)

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It very clearly states in the video there will be an option for the UNS-1 FMC.


Yes, but there has been an ongoing option for the RJ as well.

I do have to say, the inclusion of a VOR only option will be very nice, as I have gotten quite into flying VOR to VOR. I will definitely get some exercise in once the F-28 is released.


Tis there is many Glass planes but tis less analog? It’s going to have a CIVA which is a first for the sim and other things…

Another classic ‘bus to the stable. Wonder how this might compare to the rumoured Inibuilds project that is also going to be announced at FSE.

They’re suitably different that they will appeal and cater to different audiences.

I imagine both will be completed to a good standard.

A300B4 (as per JF’s endeavours):

A300-600 (as rumoured for ini):


They look preeeetty similar to me :smiley:

I think the A300-600 and the A310 had the same flight deck layout to enable a common rating for the crews., but I could be wrong.

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They did, they shared most things in common.

Main difference seems to be the navigation system and CAS. That picture of the B4 looks to be from a modernized one used for Zero-G flight, but JF’s has an old school INS system. The -600 has a whole FMS and CAS screen so it’s much more like the A310 in that sense

Looks fine but sorry but for me it’s a no.Already have TOO MANY twin engine Airbuses. Want to interest me, give me an A340-500 or 600 or a Boeing 707 then I’ll be interested.


Having tried several times to fly the Colimata-Concorde using the CIVA INS I will never use it again. It goes beyond challenging and is a real pain. It is Error prone, stressful especially when dealing with other systems, if you use the Virtual FO then its ok, but you need to not make mistakes with it and still find myself using Navigraph Maps to make sure the plane is tracking the route, which is not realistic if using the CIVA INS, so I would rather just use the GPS mode which is also unrealistic in the Concorde but better then flying to Africa when you want to fly to New York.

The Colimata-Concorde has an Virtual FO, and this helps a lot, I dont think the A300 is as complex to fly as the Colimata-Concorde but still. The UMS-1 without a Glass ND feels like the BAE146 to me and that is pointless IMHO as it takes away situational awareness at a glance, I know you can use other methods and this maybe quite realistic and does work, but it is a lot of effort for some.

For some this will be heaven and I am glad the sim is getting a first full CIVA INS, but really for me I would prefer the same Cockpit as the inibuilds A300 had in XP11 or the Shared A300/A310 cockpit.

Also do we really 2 A300’s if inibuilds are porting over their A300?

My Opinion is many will not use the CIVA INS and VOR to VOR is rapidly dropping off, many VOR’s if failed do not get fixed unless they are part of Procedures as I understand it.

I know this is the B4, but I cant see myself flying this if there is a 600. Still it will be a master piece from JF as usual, but again I think kind of a niche one

IMO Just Flight are one of the top developers for simulators. This plane is a day one purchase for me (when it’s released on Xbox). I wasn’t sure about my BAE146 purchase (on the same day as the PDMG 738 - expensive day for me) but find little details in the Just Flight plane that together with a great core model make the BAE my go-to plane in MSFS.

When the developer states in the (now removed) video that they are pushing what is possible in MSFS it made me :grinning:.