Just Flight - Carrier Download

Does anyone know how I can download this. It’s an .EXE file. I just use Windows Defender. I’ve tried turning off all Defender options and Browser options but no go. This is the message I get.


HDS Carrier Module Installer v1.6.3.exe

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You tried running as admin?

If not, is there anything else in the pop up you can click on? Sometimes there is a more information type button that if click then lets you bypass it. If not I’m not sure what else to suggest myself other than to try the Hard Deck Simulation Discord

Here’s a HowTo ignore the warning and download a file that is otherwise blocked by the SmartScreen filter:

If you’re using Edge (you don’t state the browser, but it’s important for this question), that might help.

Use it at your own risk, you’re overruling a security mechanism this way.

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Thanks for the input, people. I used the link Coppersens gave me. Must remember that as it worked!
What a pain tho!


I marked that solution as ‘the solution’ so others know as well!

Closing this one now as it has been fixed