Just Flight Fokker 100

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Just like in real-life, we will be following development of our Fokker F28 Fellowship for MSFS with its younger brother, the Fokker 100 and shortened Fokker 70. Built with incredible detail to take full advantage of the MSFS platform, the exterior and cockpit modelling and texturing work is progressing very well, and we are aiming for a 2023 release.

Won’t be long before we add this to our In Development Section and start giving you regular updates but as is always the way the visuals get a good head-start of the coding side of things, work is underway but other projects such as the F28 are ahead in that particular queue. Certainly one to look out for though. Enjoy these initial shots.


Ah! Loving this. A big bit of Shorts in Belfast in this, so definitely on the list.

Great news :+1:


Nice! Flew in USAir Fokker 100s a few times. It’ll be fun to simulate those!

Must-have for the Dutch pilots?
The graphics in screenshots look pretty good to me. If the price is on the friendly side I’ll definitely consider buying this one. Hope it comes with manuals, because I sure am gonna need some! :sweat_smile:

Just Flight planes come with pretty decent manuals.

Nice to know! The Aerosoft CRJ came with a lot of detailed manuals and I had a blast reading through those. The Kodiak in comparison was a little sparse, and the Fenix manuals nonexistent.

If you know how JF compares to those planes, I’d love to hear it!

You can check out their manuals on the Just Flight product pages. But as an example I have their Piper Arrow III which has an 84 page manual with an intro and then covers systems, all instruments, efb/tablet usage, a tutorial flight and procedures. There’s also a separate operating data manual with several pages of performance charts. Their Hawk comes with a 135 page manual and whilst I don’t own the BAE 146, as I mentioned before you can download the manual from its product page and that comes to 260 pages. So pretty decent overall. Not quite as extensive as the PMDG DC6 manuals but not much is really. Can’t compare it to the CRJ as I don’t own it but they’re definitely a lot better than the Kodiak’s manual.

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The BAe-146 comes with a very extensive 260 page manual. And honestly I’ve found that at a certain level of “studiness,” your experience learning the aircraft can be supplemented with actual POHs.

The Just Flight Fokker announcement is super exciting. They did such a great job with the 146 that I have very high hopes for their next airliner. Perhaps one day they will bring their L-1011 to MSFS.


That’s another plane I’m looking forward too. Keep those classic jetliners coming!

I flew so many times in my country in those airplanes, will be a pleasure take control of such an iconic aircraft. Great news.

I just wish there was release year 2022 instead of 2023 :nerd_face:

As with pretty much everything JF release, I’m looking forward to this!

In particular, can’t wait to fly this on Vatsim just to hear the ATC instructing other aircraft to pushback once the “little fokker” has taxied by. :smiley:


Great News! Looks pretty advance for a release in 2023 :eyes:

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