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So it appears that our mods have locked the previous thread. As such, I’ll start this one to ask a simple question - how does this compare to FSLTL? The latest update to FSLTL has tanked my frame rates, to the point where I can’t use FSLTL any longer. Prior to that last update, my FPS was more than satisfactory. So - I find myself in need of another FS traffic add-on. Wondering how the FPS is using FST? Any other observations on this product? Any and all thoughts are most welcome.


Simple Traffic isn’t bad.

There are some comparison videos out on YT, such as this one from Easyjetsimpilot…

In looking at a few of these, it seems they are on par with each other…with maybe FS Traffic having a 2-5fps advantage but it’s close. Would love to hear from others what their FPS is like between the two…


Much smoother than FSLTL models. I was flying into Heathrow with the a32nx and noticed 7 air traffic on the panel then 4 more on the right side of the panel. Then landed at Heathrow and parked. Lots of traffic requesting clearance, etc. plenty of en route traffic during flight as well.


For those who have FSTraffic working but desire to see aircraft parked at airports along your route and/or GA traffic, here’s something to try (I plan on experimenting with this myself):

  1. For aircraft at airports along your route: provided you have FSLTL, you could fire that up while at your gate, ensuring parked aircraft is set to ‘0’. Since you’re using FS Traffic for your actual traffic, set the traffic settings within FSLTL to 0. Once airborne, open up the FSLTL menu in your toolbar and reset the parked aircraft value to your preference. I believe it should populate your airports with parked aircraft as you fly over them. Set back to 0 at some point in your approach to your destination airport.

  2. For GA traffic, I’m guessing you could use one of the following in tandem with FS Traffic:
    a) Phantom’s GA traffic mod at flightsim.to
    b) Simflea’s GA traffic mod at simmarket
    c) FSLTL’s VFR traffic setting

Just a thought and perhaps some options.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Could not find anything with “Phantom “ nor GA mod on .to. Could you give more info to help find it?

Sure thing. Phantoms GA mod can be found here (freeware): GA Stock Aircraft Traffic » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Simfleas GA Traffic mod here (payware): simMarket: OFFLINE GA TRAFFIC MSFS

Purchased it last night. So far I’m happy with the performance and most of airports have decent amount of planes even with the slider at 50%. Still need to do more testing.


I did two comparisons one on ground and another airborne.

Here’s a quick video of an FSLTL vs FS Traffic comparison.
A couple disclaimers…
This was MSFS in Ultra Settings @ 1440p (100% traffic for FS Traffic) (120 IFR/100 spawn radius for air and ground for FSLTL)
I wouldn’t really count those displayed FPS as a major factor as I’ve made the observations in drone mode at 140 Speed along with 1-3x simrate variation to speed up traffic (or whatever number values MSFS uses for that🤪) In which both affect/fluctuate FPS/performance in their own way.
So as far as which accurately/technically performs better I don’t have any idea.
This is a tough one honestly! Which will I keep installed for now?
It will certainly be FS Traffic. It FEELS cleaner loading/performance wise, the AI seems much more competent during landing/takeoff/taxi right away and it’s simply install and forget.

Both addons are still limited by MSFS’s AI for now, and that was to be expected, but FS Traffic planes behave much better, I was really expecting the FS Traffic planes to totally over and under shoot the runways at Santos Dumont as they do with FSLTL, the FS Traffic planes handled the 3rd party airport quite well. I also prefer the FS Traffic sounds over FSLTL. I know both addons will get their fair share of attention and improvements over time as MS/Asobo improves AI. So it’s really a win win situation for us. I hope this video helps and answers some questions for those still on the fence.:beer:

The FS Traffic aircraft ai reached 250 knots in cruise but wouldn’t climb past 2000 feet.
The FSLTL aircraft ai reached 280-290 knots and climbed properly maybe a good FL280+ and climbing when I decides to stop following.
I also noticed the engine heat blur from FS Traffic models are a little more demanding on performance than FSLTL’s model’s heat blur. FS Traffic routing ai moves a little more fluid on waypoint turns. While early on FSLTL models descend and get a little warp speed boost the first couple of waypoint turns
(This was with my Flightradar24 API functionality enabled in FSLTL traffic injector options.)
If Just Flight addresses the climb issues with AI then it would make the overall model behavior a step above FSLTL on both ground and air. Right now FSLTL models climb and cruise to destinations much more proper.

Pretty happy with FS Traffic too.
Used the ingame real time online traffic with Aerosofts Simple Traffic and had a stable capped 30 fps even at big airports (on my mediocre system).
Then I tried FSLTL, which brought my fps down to below 20, even with all settings tuned down.
Now with FS Traffic I’m back to my stable capped 30fps and that with way more traffic then the ingame online traffic and much better models than the Simple Traffic ones.
Since I often only get to play late in the evening, most real time traffic is gone by then, so it’s really great to have the option to populate the airports at any time. And since I change the time of day anyhow to fly in daylight, I don’t care about realistic real time traffic anyways.
The only things I hope Just Flight will fix/change are the empty enroute airports, missing GA traffic and maybe add an option to display flight info tags for the generated traffic. Other than that, the product is exactly what I hoped it would be.
And if I really want to fly with real time online traffic, turning off FS Traffic and turning on the ingame online traffic works perfectly fine, with the game using the FS Traffic models. Should be interesting when FSLTL adds the option to use FS Traffic models, if the frame rate hit still will be that big.


My experience with FSLTL is that it is/was fine with V1.0 models and I still use them because of that (with AIG models filling in.)
Not sure what is causing the slowdown with their current set, but when I switch to the latest models it tanked my fps to 18 (from 30 locked). So back to v1.0 it was for me.




I purchased it yesterday, and I had it installed and followed the instructions to the letter. The installation was pretty long, it took me about 10-15 minutes. So I can see that there’s a lot of files to download and install.

Once done I can see it’s successful because the in-game panel is available and I can interact with it, changing the values as needed.

But what I found was, it didn’t work at all for me. When I disabled all traffic, and I press the panel to regenerate traffic. I was sitting in my parking stand for over 5 minutes, and no traffic was generated at all. So I came back to the guide, make sure I’ve done all the steps and I confirmed it.

I also notice that it should be compatible with MSFS Live Traffic mode. So I turned on the Real Time Traffic in the Data option and set the traffic mode to Real Time Live traffic. This time the MSFS Live traffic engine starts spawning the live traffic. But the problem is, they’re all using the plain blank liveries and pointy nose generic aircraft models. I already set my Traffic to turn off using generic models for AI traffic. So I thought there’s something wrong here.

I wanted to check the installed models and liveries myself through the FS Traffic Controller app. And what happened was the app won’t even run/open. I tried clicking it normally. I tried to run it as administrator. I even tried to restart my PC the whole time, not doing anything but trying to run the FS Traffic Controller app both with and without MSFS running at the same time. Nothing happened, it doesn’t work.

So at the end of the day, I spent about 3 hours trying to get this thing to work watching all those videos, reading the support forum, etc. And I realised that at the end of all that, I just got scammed out of my $50 for a piece of over-expensive digital paperweight.

Now I’m back to FSLTL that’s guaranteed to work.


I bought FS Traffic on launch and its working pretty well for me with a couple of gotchas…
I have done around 4-5 flights with it and the interaction with AI planes with ATC while flying seems to not exist. They do interact well with Tower and ground comms, but not so much with centre or approach comms. In LittleNavMap AI planes injected by FS Traffic do appear while flying high altitude, but they just dont communicate with ATC.

Another issue that is bugging me is that AI planes seem to land in the opposite sides of the runways where other AI aircraft are departing (ie. 34L vs 16R), is this just me? (I am using REX weather injection BTW). It has happened in a number of airports like LEAl, LIRF, LEBL, and more…

Can somebody check this and confirm it is a bug please? Thank you!
All in all…love FS Traffic and will be my preferred AI traffic solution from now on!

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The more videos I watch and comments I see,I’m glad I haven’t bought this for $60 AUD.Justflight’s Century of Flight and FSX Traffic were pretty good.Prepar3d was a disappointment and updates never really helped.While there are a lot of people that like FS Traffic,I’d say the majority are not that impressed or like me will wait for updates to see it that improves anything or a cheaper price.I’ll stay with FSLTL for now.Just my opinion,Cheers.


Sadly I have had to give up on this and go back to FSLTL. It just does not work for me, I am not saying it does not work, but it does not work for me.

It hates Flight Control Replay, I have had to mess around with all my settings, it had issues with GSX and Yes I have turned off all the Ground stuff in FS Traffic, I have done everything they have said, matched settings everything.

I did 3 flights today landing at major airports, LPPT / EHAM / KSNA I filled out the destination ICAO, I saw traffic at the departure airports, but noticed the AI with FS Traffic do not respect the correct runways for takeoff and landing, I did KPDX to KNSA (I only use payware airports) at KPDX the runway was 28L for take off, I had AI taking off both ends of the runway, zipping around everywhere, I know thats on the sim, but it is way worse than with FSLTL., and even worse no AI whatsoever at any of my destination airports and about 2 planes en route, whereas with FSLTL I get tons of AC en route, and it is quite something seeing all the contrails with FSLTL.

KSNA FS Traffic (HDR Screen shot so washed out)

I just do not know what to do, so I have given up and gone back to FSLTL, I will wait for a patch. Shame, but I dont know what to do. Also I am not happy with convolution of this product, and it does not play nice with things like GSX. I have changed all the settings in GSX and FS Traffic to make it better, but I am dubious of this as FSLTL does not seem to have this issue, and I have never had invisible planes etc with FSLTL nor this… Anyway, I am out till I get a patch. I have every faith JF will sort it out, but I also worry trying to do all this inside MSFS is part of the issue and cant help but wonder would an outside injector of been better and less limited so to speak?

I have disabled it for now.


Has anybody solved littlenavmap showing all enroute traffic departure-arrival-info as “EGSS-LEVC” ? … really annoying

Usually like my Just Flight products, but this one so far is a mess. There are no planes at my destination airport which is the main problem, plus I’ve seen odd floating planes, and I had to uninstall FCR. Hope they fix this SOON.

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I thought I had lost my mind or something was wrong with my pc. I spent the whole day and half of the night trying to get FS Traffic to work properly. I failed to. And I thought I was the only one in the world watching these great reviews on YT. I understand that there are limitations to SimConnect, but the free FSLTL handled it somehow. FS Traffic on many of my attempts worked ONCE CORRECTLY only on the first launch and only at the departure airport. At large airports it will work once and ten times it will not work at all. I’m not surprised that it has a better FPS, but I prefer a slightly worse FPS but working traffic around me, FSLTL does it perfectly. I read the whole FAQ and manual for FS Traffic and found out that in the end I just have to restart MSFS and it will solve my problems. Waste of my time, money and health. FS Traffic uninstalled.


Interesting and very useful feedback. I haven’t (yet) gone with the JF product but I have recently updated to the latest FSLTL and hadn’t factored in that this might have been the reason why my MSFS experience was somewhat diminished when I fired it up yesterday.

I’m not saying it is down to FSLTL but it’s certainly worth me trying MSFS without FSLTL running to see what the difference is. Off to experiment.

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