Just Flight Hawk T.1

A new video showing the Hawk in all it’s glory. Apparently every knob and switch works. Looks excellent and I’m looking forward to having the original version to fly around in. It comes with the T1, T1/A and Red Arrows configurations. It will be interesting to compare with the T45 in due course. In a week of several fine releases a statement said that the arrival of the Hawk is imminent! :sunglasses:


Well, Just Flight have a reputation now and a worthy one too. I don’t think that they will squander it either. It will be good to go skiing in the Alps again and I look forward to it.

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Cool. Looks great. I pretty much only fly the Arrows… most realistic GA in the sim. Will be fun to rip around in the Hawk.

Here’s the video for those interested Just Flight - Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer MSFS Preview Video - Introduction - YouTube

Looks great. Potentially the most ‘study level’ fast jet for the sim yet.


It is pretty much a change from Arrow to Red Arrow really, isn’t it?


Day one purchase for me.

I love flying fighter jets in the simulator and I can’t think of a more iconic plane from the UK to fly. One of the few famous planes have seen in person and Just Flight have a very good rep. Just hoping isn’t too big a hit on my wallet.

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External model looks really good indeed.

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I’ve been waiting patiently for this. The Mach Loop awaits!

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Thanks to you all for your interest in our Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer.

More videos are now live for you to take a look at and more will follow in the coming days and next week we hope to have a couple more showing off the sounds and initial take-off.

Videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/c/justflight/videos

So far there’s an Intro video, EFB Tablet video, Lighting video and one showing off the Hydraulic Systems. All aptly narrated by Martyn - lead developer/code and PM for Just Flight.

Release - well we are aiming to have it released this month, probably going to be towards the end of the month knowing how these things tend to go but you can look forward to it later this month.

Price - That will be the same as the current P3D version (Note this will be bigger and better) we resisted the temptation to go a little higher. P3D owners will also qualify for a discount. Look out for emails and details on that closer to the release date.

Hope that helps clarify a few things for now. Thanks.


collimated hud?

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Im really looking forward to seeing how this looks and performs in msfs 2020, I had this in P3D, and literally purchased it the day it came out.

Are you in need of testers? I’ve been testing for you guys on the Aerofly 2 front including the Hawk but I’m firmly in MSFS now.

I don’t think that’s possible currently in MSFS due to SDK limitations.

Probably too late for the Hawk now but possibilities going forward. I’d suggest you get in touch with your previous contact and see what’s doing currently.


yeah, I’m aware that there’s difficulties with huds currently but I think the Crusader tries to emulate one.

it’s my current pet peeve in VR as its so hideously noticeable in otherwise wonderful aircraft.

it’ll come in time!

Just took off from RAF Valley with multiplayer enabled and there was a Hawk sitting on the runway so I thought it’d been released today :see_no_evil:

I have this thing with any planes but even more with planes I have seen in person too. And oh boy I have seen plenty (I hope may of then to be freeware). :joy:

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If P3D owner get a discount, how about XP11 owners? Do they get a discount too?

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No, afraid not. Same policy as with our Pipers. The discount is only for P3D/FSX owners.

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Unfortunately not as that isn’t yet supported by the sim itself. Can be added as soon as it supported.

Worth noting as well that it’s a relatively basic gunsight rather than HUD in the Hawk T1, and that’s only used for weapons training so can be easily hidden if it’s too annoying.

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