Just Flight Piper Arrow III looks so good!

Exterior isn’t the highest priority for me, functionality is first and foremost and interior texture is more important to me than exterior. That said. I have every model Carenado has put out for FS2020, the only one I have any complaint about is the 182 interior is not quite up to the others’ standard. But I still enjoy it .

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That’s because Alabeo did it.

Did the 182?

I have the Alabeo 207 and 177 for Xplane and like them. As xplane standards go, their interiors are great. The biggest difference I see is the shadow realism and lighting between xplane and FS2020. It makes all the difference.

The FSX/P3D versions of the M20R, Seminole and the Waco were released under the Alabeo brand while the CT182T was Carenado.

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Hmmm do you have some examples where it’s visible?

Anyway, I prefer the oldschool interior anyway and I think that the JF systems are simulated with more detail.
Actually waiting for the Turbo version for the higher cruise speeds, not sure if I buy the regular version nonetheless…

I looked at the manual for the JP Arrow, which was very good by the way, but I was kind of turned off by the autopilot not being able to fly the ILS glide slope. I have flown many aircraft that did not have that capability, but now that I am flying the Mooney, I like to have that feature in any new aircraft I get. So I am fleaning towards the Carenado version of the Arrow. Will be anxious to read or see some reviews before I get out my credit card,

Live Preview NOW:

German Language :wink:

Looks like they stepped up their game. I had a couple of JustFlight Aircraft in the FSX days (the Constellation and the DC-3) and both where pretty disappointing. Very plasticky and toyish looking.

This looks much better!

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It looks good, indeed. But. I was going to buy this one just for the looks and support JF. If the price will be something like 45-50€:s, I will save my money and fly the default aircrafts. I am sure, the JF Arrow will be better than the defaults, but not that much better.

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37.95€ is the price for the regular (non turbo) version. I guess the Turbo will be the same, with a 66% discount if you buy the Turbo additionally after purchasing the regular one.


Well the autopilot in that version does have no vertical mode, so you’ll have to trim it out properly (although I think they added a hidden clickspot to enable altitude hold in case you really need it).

It’s just that old version of the Arrow, either you like it or you don’t :smiley:
Flying GA is also pretty fun without all of the automated features, it’s part of realism.


I am VERY fond of the S-Tec autopilot on A2A’s Pipers… (Comanche and Cherokee)

That AP doesn’t trim the aircraft for you at all. It can maintain altitude but will tell you if you need to trim it up or down. You have to babysit it and can’t just walk away for a coffee.


2-axis AP…


Not sure how JF implemented that hidden altitude hold mode (by pressing the “Piper” above the autopilot switches).
Since it’s a convenience feature, I guess it will trim the aircraft, just in case you really need to go afk but don’t want to pause (eg on group flights).

I have many hundreds of hours in both the A2A Comanche and Cherokee, as well as their T6, but I am spoiled now with the AP in the Mooney.

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look at the surface of wing and fuselage. The two pics above are from jf, two below are from carenado.


Please let it drop on THURSDAY. I need this.


JF confirmed yesterday via Twitter that their Piper will not be available in the Marketplace upon release but probably a few weeks later.

So if you want to get it straight away, you’ll have to go via their shop (or maybe other shops that sell their addons like Aerosoft).

Also relevant: The tailsign won’t be modifiable initially but they are currently working on it. Hopefully at some point we may modify the tailsign on the livery, since not every livery suits one’s taste, but flying with an N-reg in Germany is also a bit less common.


I think I might wait for the Turbo Arrows which are also planned for MSFS release soon. But I agree it looks great and I MIGHT change my mind once it is released.

While I’m excited about the Arrow.
It’s obviou$ why the Turbo will come later.