Just Flight's FS Traffic for MSFS

You will be able to select which ground vehicles you want your traffic to use in our control centre. Even with ground vehicles we have seen minimal performance impact.


I’m really looking foward for it. I no longer use FSLTL because the performance impact is too big in my opinion just to see some aircraft flying.

Like 2-3 aircraft on the ground eats almost 10 fps alone. At large airports or with performance heavy aircraft like Fenix A320 or iniBuilds A310, FSLTL turns my MSFS into a slideshow.

I already have experience with Just Flight Traffic Global for X-Plane. Traffic Global is very well optimized and I’ve never seen it eat more than 5 fps, not even in large airports. It’s a level of optimization I expect FS Traffic to have or maybe even better. The comparison screnshots certainly give hope.

I agree the comparisons are promising, but with a caveat …

In my experience, using the done cam to view things from a few hundred feet up or higher will almost always give me improved frame rates compared to what I see from inside the cockpit of the plane parked at the gate.

To me, a better set of comparisons would be a series of shots taken from inside the flight deck of a complicated, fully-simulated airliner, where the user experience really shows a difference when the frames drop. Yeah, pics like that won’t have the “Gee whizz!” factor of seeing all the planes all over the place, but if there’s 10-15 fps impact while you’re actually trying to use the aircraft, it will matter to many (maybe most) end users.

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At this point in the stage of marketing and development, it is what will draw users to want to purchase once it’s released. Not that this won’t be a great program and addition to have within the MSFS, but as we’ve seen even with MSFS itself, when developers showcase features, they often have dedicated computers and setups specifically just for that one development piece. Once you introduce that into the hundreds of thousands of different combinations of setups and computers, you’ll start seeing the ‘complaints’. I think one of the biggest caveats users will have to conquer is that so far, every AI introduction has had the ability of using live based data and movements. Going back to applications that just put past based flights into the sim may be a hard pill for some users to deal with knowing there are workable solutions that can provide both real time and real time historic data for AI representation. AIG is plenty optimized and their flight plans are constantly updated, although 3-4 months behind the current schedules unless you have a member create a current schedule that can be added into their OCI program. If I remember reading correctly, the current data set for this product will be somewhere around Spring or Summer from last year? We’ll see how things workout once it’s released.

One last thing to add, I know everyone has been having high hopes for somehow having this product fix a lot of the previous issues, but I can tell you now, until the ATC/core AI logic of the sim is fixed, no amount of newly released AI products will fix that. You’re just subbing out one AI product for another with the same headaches.


Totally agree.

Last point I would like to make. Users are free to spend their money on whatever they want to. But for someone like myself, who has been involved with AI since back when FS2004 came out. There isn’t any product or solution that doesn’t already exist for MSFS, and is FREE, that this product isn’t already based on. Just some food for thought.


Performance will be the biggest selling point. I understand that there are free options available and honestly, if you’re already satisfied with your MSFS performance using them, I don’t see any reason to buy it.

I see FS Traffic as a viable option for people with mid/low-spec or even high-spec PCs who are suffering from high performance impact when using the free options available.


Have you used the other alternative to FSLTL’s models, AIG, and tested the impact independently between the two? Until FS Traffic comes out, you have no way of knowing how the performance will be until after you’ve paid on your system. Their system is not your system. That goes back to what I said about how when developers show products, they have computers and specs, made just for that development. They can pan around to just the right spot or angle that will show 40 FPS where if they move slightly from that position it drops to 32FPS and screenshot that to support the perception of being optimized.

Agreed. Given the total dependence on FS 2020 itself, it seems very hard to imagine a material performance advantage here.

I suspect we are seeing a combination of good marketing and wishful thinking.

I confess that I didn’t get to test the AIG properly. I tried AIG some time ago when it was still a novelty. I watched a tutorial on YT and installed it. I should already suspect that the installation and inital setup wasn’t as straightforward as I expected because the tutorial video was almost an hour long.

I realized that it was quite complicated because it took me almost half an hour just to set up the manager. And when I think everything was ready, there was still a crucial step missing: I still had to download liveries and flight plans from each airline, having to download them one by one. At that point I gave up. I only downloaded it from 2 airlines just to test it out, but I thought it would be complicated and too time consuming download it from the other airlines, so I uninstalled it. At that time I had a slow internet connection which weighed on my decision.

I believe that FSLTL later proved that AIG is unnecessarily overcomplicated. I don’t know if today something has changed and AIG is now easier to use than it was. I might even try again if people say the performance is better than FSLTL.

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So I installed AIG just now and practically nothing has changed since the last time I tested it.

Call me lazy if you want, but this complexity of AIG doesn’t make up for the eventual better optimization it offers over FSLTL.

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This is what I’m hoping for as well. Traffic Global for XP never ate more than 1-3 FPS for me and was an essential add on for immersion. I have my fingers crossed that optimization will be good here as well. FSLTL, while great, eats 7-10 FPS while landing at big airports for me (as does AIG), and if I’m already in the low 30’s while landing airliners (which is common independent of hardware or settings) that’s often a big more than I want to chew off…

Oh my, there’s about 3 steps to get it up and running, I’ll walk you through them.
First load AIG Manager, let it run through loading processes
Second, go to settings and then click on the AIGAIM-OCI at the top
Third, under general settings, make sure that your directory is set to your community folder; MSFS/Community/aig-aitraffic-oci-beta. Under install settings select use freeware only, you can also select to use lower textures if you want.
Last, go to flightplans and click online, select the plans you want using the cntrl key to select more than one, click on the green OCI-BULK and it will start installing your selected plans.

After installing, go check your community folder to make sure everything is in there, that’s it. It’s not that difficult.


Not sure I agree with you here.

For the product to sell well it has imo, at a bare minimum, got to be fps/performance friendly and ‘click and go’.

‘Performance friendly’, to compete with FSLTL.

‘Click and go’, otherwise you may as well just go the AIG route.

JF have been around flight sim for a long time and my guess is that they must know this. Based on their XP product I would guess that they are aiming for a 3 to 4 fps loss on average (subjective, yes) PC systems.

Whether it will be able to compete significantly better in other areas I really don’t know. Not having GA at launch, for example, could put off some simers digging into their wallets.

It all depends on ones priorities in comparison to FSLTL but as it looks right now I will buy it.

I wonder whether in time FSHud will be able to read this traffic like it does FSLTL and AIG and interface with that.

I think they may have been surprised by the FSLTL release. JF announced this add-on a long time ago and the competition was really just AIG. I’d bet they originally intended to compete on ease of use and consistent quality across the various models.

Out comes FSLTL which nicely addressed both issues leaving JF to either ditch the product they have been workin on or press on. They chose the latter and focused on the only remaining marketing message which is performance.

The AIG / FSLTL folks seem pretty smart to me and have been making improvements to their models and injector configuration options to allow users to improve the performance while JF continues to fiddle with this product. They have also explained the limitations of the performance in good detail on Discord.

Seems to me that unless Asobo makes some changes the performance will be the performance. Further, if they do find some performance advantage, I’m sure FSLTL will find a way to match it in a few weeks. Maybe that is fine for us.

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Hello, this question should be reversed to
“Whether JustFlight FS Traffic will support injection via FSHud” - because from our side there is public SDK API (which is also used by FSLTL) that any of traffic add-ons can use.

Thanks for that link. “It will be released at some point this week”. That made my day, can’t wait.


gosh. take my money JustFlight