Just got the CJ Simulations RAFALE, and I am very disappointed, is something wrong?

So first of all, the flight control surfaces update really slowly, unlike with some aircraft, where I yank the stick left, the surfaces basically react in realtime, with this aircraft, the surfaces move at a fixed speed latently after you yank left or right.

This introduces massive latency or lag in movement, so If I want to roll left, the plane does so, about half a second after I do, and if I want to roll left and then right, quickly, nothin really happens because before it gets chance to respond to my left roll, its having to respond to my right roll.

This doesn’t really happen with the Eurofighter, or a lot of other planes.

If this is not a bug, but a feature, it’s quite shocking, it makes the aircraft very irresponsible and slow to respond and makes it quite out of sync with your input.

(this is true of the ailerons and the elevators)

I thought the rafale was meant to be really agile and snappy.

The other issue I have with it is that it appears to be far less agile than the typhoon is… despite that not being true to real life. For an agile plane such as the rafale, even a roll rate of like 360degrees/1.5 seconds is slow. I expect a rafale to be able to roll fully around in about a second or so at tops.

Ive seen rafales display in real life and they can move about like they’re made of paper.

Don’t understand why its soo slow in the sim, plus I’ve watched peoples reviews of the rafale and found it to be more agile in their videos than in my experience…

I’ve tried changing weather conditions, I’ve tried changing the weight balance, the authority adjustments, no difference really.


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I didn’t encounter any of these issues flying the “R-Fal C” yesterday. Double-check that it’s up to date and that you don’t have any mods or add-ons that might be conflicting with it.

Note that if it says “Rafale” you may have an old version installed; the package was withdrawn and re-issued as “R-Fal” due to a trademark complaint from Dassault.

It’s also possible that if you installed updates over a previous version that something didn’t update correctly; try cleaning out any old version and re-installing the latest version fresh just in case.


I never had any previous versions, I just bought it just now, its brand new.

By the way, just been experimenting some more, to find out that its not only the control surfaces that are latent and slow and laggy, but the stick itself.

So whilst my stick is instantly being shoved to the right or left, the stick in the cockpit is going slowly.

Almost like there’s a smoothing and a speed limit to how fast it can move on the x or y axis.

Most likely a mod conflict then. Try removing all other mods from the system and see if you can reproduce the problem on a clean config.

If that doesn’t resolve your issue, contact the vendor directly for customer support.

I have a clean slate, no mods.

In that case you’ve followed the standard steps; you need to contact CJ Simulations for customer support.

How? They dont have any website let alone a contact.

Excellent question; like many modern developers they probably don’t care about maintaining a public web site and just have a Discord channel or something. Try asking in the main thread for this aircraft:

[update] The Marketplace page has an email address; try that if you don’t want to join their Discord.

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Hi there. Unfortunately MS do not allow direct Dev support in these forums.
Ive read your post and was wondering a few things.

  1. are you trying aerobatics with a full payload?
  2. do you have the G/Performance limiter in “STORES MODE”? as this limits roll rate,AoA and G as not to snap your wings off.
    3)What sort of input sensitivity to you have on your controls? Stick axis needs to be set as LINEAR for best results. Also control profile must be set to MODERN not legacy.
  1. No, actually, I’ve even tried 0% fuel and payload, with unlimited fuel, I’ve tried 1% 2% 5% 20%.

And I don’t see how payload would have anything to do with this? This happens on the ground, or flying.

  1. I don’t know, how can I check?

  2. It’s not a problem there because it doesn’t happen on any other addons, only the CJSIMULATIONS.

Sounds like you may have some sort of MSFS option set to slug down the response for overenthusiastic , stick jerking, new pilots ?

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  1. the G limiter. There is a switch on the front left side which you can flick from free to stores. Stores mode restricts your movement as not to damage the aircraft or any load you are carrying. Its infront of the throttle near the battery controls

Ive looked at all the settings. This doesn’t affect other planes so I doubt it

Cant find that anywhere on the typhoon

I just found the keybind for it, and used that, but no effect at all…

Its not on typhoon. Only R-Fal.
The two aircraft are different in systems and flight models from one another.

There is no keybind for the load mode switch, its bespoke event coding

If you can post a video of your issue it will help to sort it out