Just take a break

This forum is becoming a ■■■■ show of constant negativity. If the game isn’t stable yet, as most of us feel it was released a bit early, then consider this:

If you don’t want to ‘beta test’ and you are so frustrated: Take a break! Play something else for a bit. Come back in 2 or 3 months when things are in a more stable state.

Stop yelling abuse at the poor engineers. This is their 1st attempt at a flightsim, there will be some issues for a while. They probably had no say in the release date of the game.

But I am pretty optimistic that in a few months to a year this game will be phenomenal.

If you can’t handle the rough road to that point, do your mental health a favor and just take a break.


Good post.
I commend you sir :+1:t2:


exactly. too much negativity for sure.


Yep I’m probably doing just that. I have plenty to do in WoW still before their expansion next month. Probably going to cancel the Navigraph subscription I just set up as well and look into cancelling the order I placed two days ago with the MS store for a Honeycomb yoke that doesn’t seem to actually be shipping (possibly a stocking error let me order it and they don’t actually have any). Maybe loss of income will get 3rd party devs etc to put some extra pressure on MS to get this mess cleaned up.


Nice post. :ok_hand: :+1:


true, but i am a bit pessimistic that i will get a refund until then …

I have a big steam backlog and need to work on my novel. I’m excited on how good this will be once they get the extra months they needed to finish and polish it.

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What kind of novel are you working on?

This sentence right here sums it up.

Any complex piece of software will have issues and bugs on launch. You never see something perfect. Some are better than others. And I agree that another month or two in the oven could have made this one far more polished than it is now. Some people have terrible issues. Others, not so much. I consider myself fortunate to be in that latter group. I can play it and have been enjoying it tremendously, despite the hiccups.

People are slagging the sim off really badly and comparing it to X-Plane or P3D. Neither of those were perfect at launch either. There’s a maturation process required even beyond just basic code and feature bugs. Those sims are where they are today because of constant updates and evolution. That’s the maturation process.

I feel MSFS will get there at some point. Today is not that day. Likely not in a month or two either. But I’m confident it will get there.


A 70s detective drama set in the Caribbean! Thanks for asking


Yeah, I agree… How bad was Assetto Corsa & ACC when they were released? Look at them now. Awsome Sims.


Totally agree with you !!

The " constant loop " of negativity , from a small core of posters , can be mind numbing !!

( And worst is , I try to avoid the threads they are active on , but they manage to pollute most threads . Have these people no lives ? )


agree with you .people just need to calm down


I don’t mind being a beta tester. I actually enjoy the sim a lot more than I thought I would when it launched. I saw the trailers and was amazed at how great the graphics look, but worried it might be too much like an arcade game. It’s a bit of both now, but I haven’t gone back to XPlane since it released because I want to enjoy the experience. I want to look back at the beginning a year or two from now and see the evolution as more developers jump on and Asobo fixes bugs and adds features. I do have a right to complain as a paying customer, but I also know that it could be worse and they have already done two patches that fixed issues. I think this is fine to be a paying beta tester because I get to enjoy it now and also there’s a wider audience to listen to when things don’t work right or just plain ■■■■.


Umm… You do not have the right to suggest this to a person who has paid ‘full price’ for a ‘release’ product.

This is not an ‘early access’ purchased with ‘discounted price’ where you acknowledge and sign on the fact that there might be incomplete and broken parts.


You just have to block them; believe me it makes sticking your head in here infinitely more bearable👍


I think most people that have played sims before know that there would be bugs and fixes and updates. It’s not like the 80s and 90s where something had to be fully finished out of the box. Even XPlane is still getting updates, some of them huge. I think the people crying the loudest are people who jumped right into P3D or Xplane or they might be full gamers who have only ever played Call of Duty and such. There’s a lot to work out in a sim. People expect different things. It’ll be fine in a while and yeah, I do think it was rushed out, but the fact they are listening and fixing things should mean something to people.


Good suggestion overall…MSFS is not stable or in depth enough for serious flight simmers. MSFS seems to be a bust so far and we have been tricked into purchasing Early Access/Open Beta software. A break from flying might be best to see where MSFS ends up after the initial poor release and troubling early patches.

It’s an unfortunate reality of the industry. Games get release unfinished needing patches and fixes. Destiny, No Man’s sky …yada yada.

Yes it was released with bugs… it is what it is, they can’t undo it. If you feel super hard done by then ask for a refund. The rest of us will wait. It’s not the end of the world.

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I think it’s also important to consider that negativity or ‘strong opinions’ attract the most attention.

I try to refrain from reacting to any negativity and that can sometimes be very hard when someone is stating something that just isn’t true or completely exaggerated.
There is always some truth in these opinions or remarks or at least it’s understandable that someone isn’t happy with something.
But it gets way too much attention simply because of what I’ve stated at the beginning of this post.

I hope people that want to see more constructive feedback and more positivity will also try to give the negativity no more attention. Maybe that will turn this forum into something more enjoyable.