Justsim EDDS elevation problem

Hi! Is anyone else seeing this?

I´d appreciate any advice.

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Send the pictures to Justsim and let them fix it.
It’s a bit embarassing actually. IMHO this should have popped up before the release.

That is very true. I hate being a beta-tester.

I’m getting the same rollercoaster runways und taxiways…
I can’t find a support contact for justsim. You know more ? I would like to send them these pictures.

kind regards

I already did. All you can do is send them an email. You can find the address on the Simmarket product page. But till now Justsim haven’t responded.

I just recieved an answer from Justsim. They are quite disappointed by Asobo last update to the sim. The scenery problems are connected to the world update introduced by Asobo. They can´t work on their scenery, because they experience CTDs themselves when starting the sim. :thinking:
So it´s up to Asobo/Microsoft to get things on track again.

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They should make an announcement on their facebook page at least. Everyone wonders why the don’t do anything about this.

THIS elevation problems are NOT related to asobo. This is a justsim problem.
If you use our freeware EDDS, there will be no elevation bugs.
Just saying…


What do you expect from Justsim? They are just aggressively porting all P3D/X-Plane airports to MSFS without any quality control and with ridiculously over priced airports.

Strangely enough, I have a similar problem with the Gravity version of EDDS.

Gravity version works fine for me: no duplicate runways in fms with Airac Navigraph and no elevation problems

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What is the gravity version?

Gravity. GitHub - gravity-EDDS/EDDS-freeware-releases: A project to bring the airport back to (virtual) life.

I have the same issue. The strange thing is, last week it was not there and everything was fine. Nothing changed except update to I’m in contact with the developer, currently he has no idea what could be the reason.

What makes me wonder is that he stated that I am the first person who reports that. Discovering this thread and seeing his FB account, this is obviously not the truth.

Yes it isn’t. JustSim support is pretty… meh…

I found out that Navigraph caused the problem as it places a runway at EDDS where is by default nothing. Removing Navigraph temporarily solved the elevation issue at JustSim EDDS.

Finally followed the workaround described at Navigraph and all is fine now

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Thank you very much Stephan! I love this forum!:+1:t2:

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I can confirm, all issues fixed. So it wasn´t Justsims fault after all. But I wouldn´t have thought that the Navigraph navdata would cause problems like these. You always learn…

Thanks again, Stephan!

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Hi everyone! Is there any solution to the altitude and dual runway problem?