KDTW-Detroit Metro Airport-Developer Version

try this link for some additional info, it does provide specific gates once selected;

Thanks guys, i will try my best

It’s a few years old but look around page 133.

Thats what i was looking for, thank you very much

I tried to update the gates/stands to have the correct airliners parked but i don’t think it works correctly.Here is a picture of the .xml file

This is just as an example.
For the Fedex and Ups stands it did read the command

For the gates is a different story
I got Southwest airlines parked on United Gates

On the other hand i got American Airlines parked at the correct Gates

I guess that`s why all the developers are ignoring setting up their airports with the correct airliners parked at the correct gates because even AIG is ignoring the commands.
Ill leave everything the way it is and lets hope this will get better…

I do have a question dough…

Are all this gates only for Delta Airlines?


maybe @Kaiii3 can help with his knowledge on gate assignments, if he’s not too busy

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I will set all of those gates to delta only and see what happens. The interesting thing is that even with AIG off the ups and fedex stand were populated correct.

At DTW, Delta and SkyTeam use the A-C gates. However in practice I think AirFrance is the only other SkyTeam airline using that terminal currently and only one gate (listed as A56 on the master plan).

Note that Delta includes Delta Connection which is 3 different airlines: Endeavor, Republic, and SkyWest. They use B and C and some of the smaller gates in A (odd numbered gates A11-63). I don’t think mainline Delta uses B or C gates at all currently although they could if they needed the space (at least the larger B gates since mainline doesn’t operate the small planes that fit in C).

Every other airline uses D gates.

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Thanks for the detailed response.
How should i do this than?
Leave the main Delta out at B and C gates and add just the 3 Delta Connection?
Add the 3 Delta Connection to the odd gates from A11 to A63?

Yes that sounds like the best way to do it.

Also I was at the airport today dropping someone off and noticed that AeroMexico also uses A for a couple flights a day. I assume they must use the FIS equipped gates.

I’ll be back at the airport in a week for a flight myself on Delta if there is anything you might need seen in person.

I will do the updates and please let me know if there is anything you might want me to change/modify.

I didnt know how big is DTW untill i start working on it.
I am not a designer or work in the same field, i do this in my free time and learn as i go. There was a couple of challenges in the progression of the airport. I’ve been working for the last 4 months every day, some days a couple of hours some days the entire day.
To finnish everything, i had in mind, is going to take me probably another half of year or maybe more. Because of that i deicided to release a developer version of DTW airport, meaning all the flying aspects like ILS , taxi signs and taxiways , gates , runways are up to date and working. All other aspects are not 100% finished. While you guys enjoy flying in and out of Detroit i will continue working until its 100% done and release the full version when the time comes.
I just need a couple of day to make sure everything works the way i intended too and ill give it a go when its ready.
I hope i will reached your expectations when everything its done…
Thanks for understanding and happy flying


I’m so excited about this project! I can’t wait to check it out :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing your talent with everyone! I’m looking forward to flying in and out of DTW. I fly in and out of here quite frequently in real life and it is a great airport.

By the way, what made you choose DTW?

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The first time i flew to DTW i had to turn on the ribbons in the sim because the atc gave me taxiway and gate instructions that did not match with the charts. After doing some research i realized that MSFS and Asobo are using an old data. I am guessing from the first Microsoft Flight Simulator :grin: . There is no way to fly to detroit online like Vatsim. The default airport is missing taxiways not to mention rhe gates numbers are totally wrong.
I dont want to trow them under the bus because i know how hard it is to develope a sim like that, is going to take me a year to finish just one airport, i can only imagine how many aspects they have to cover. But that doesnt justify them not updating the data, in special when they had the community updating their Microsoft Flist Simulator X. They are still using an old data, look at Ohare, they still have wrong taxiway.
Anyway , i like to do short flight like ORD-DTW and for that reason i deicided to update Detroit.


Hearing how much work this takes gives me a new appreciation of 3rd party developers like you. Keep it up! I’m sure it will look great!


Here we go, will be available at midnight


That already looks better than some of the payware airports on simmarket. Well done!


Downloaded, and to answer your question from the other thread,
If you enjoy doing this, by all means, keep working at it. It’s quite nice already.


This is awesome!!! I had a chance to try it out today. Makes me want to go there and watch planes again…