KDTW-Detroit Metro Airport-Developer Version

Thank you, i am glad you guys like it, i really appreciate it.


Amazing job so far. I love it. You even added the train in Terminal A!

I know in the notes you mentioned the tunnels are not finished which is fine but I did run into an issue with the tunnel on Taxiway V

Maybe you can check there are no holes on the temporary bridge? Taxi on runway 27R had no problem.

Thanks again!

Thats what i was afraid off, i will double check if there is any texture on that bridge not set to road material. I am sorry it happened to you, can you please tell me your game settings?

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Luckily the pushback toolbar was able to get me unstuck. :grin:

I use these settings: [HOW-TO] Graphics Settings and Performance Guide (SU5 Complete Retest) (8/2/2021)

Were you able to cross or you went different direction?

I crossed successfully on the runway 27R bridge.

Can you guys check please for me if you have the same problem, i dont see anything being off on my side. Thanks a lot

I am going to add a secondary version without the tunnel. Until i figuer out a better solution please download that version.
I tried going over the tunnel 30 to 40 times and didnt happened to me, also there is a second person who crashed taking off from rwy 9L. Exactly by the tunnel.
Also for the version without the tunnel it is better to turn off the ground traffic.

I appreciate the work you put into it. I’ve just this evening gone over that taxiway about a 15-20 times (in the FBW A320) and fallen through 3 times. I wasn’t able to find any consistency between the incidents (I tried high/low speed, moving the camera around, moving the aircraft around) it just happened randomly.

One I did manage to catch on video: MSFS 2020 01 06 22 20 44 03 - YouTube

Hope it helps. Thanks.

I can not figuer out why is doing that. When i changed the terrain level of detail from 150 to 100 i did notice the aircraft sinking in a little but i never fall.
I am going to flaten the hole area and design the runway and taxiway in Blender. That should make it stable. I uploaded a secondary version without the tunnel, just get that for now untill i am done. Sorry for the truble

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Need help from you guys, if you fly to Detroit can you take a picture of the express tram information board. I just need the part inside the rectangular marked on the picture. I can not find anything online with good quality.

Hey I’ll be there next Saturday. I set a reminder for it on my phone so hopefully I don’t forget!

Thanks a bunch

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@OltcitRoom If the other guy doesn’t get it, I will grab the pic for you. Will be there Sunday morning.

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Perfect, thanks a lot

!Getting there!


That’s incredible, man! Thank you so much for this project. Definitely one of my go-to airports as I usually fly Delta.

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Looks great. It would be cool to have the crazy looking Fountain Bar too.

Is the bar located between the fontain and gate 40 jetway entrance?

Yes it’s right next to the fountain and gate 40.