Keep your Heads down Asobo

I totally agree. And also give us back our sensitivities for our controllers. It was a big mistake to take those away.

Lol it’s not like they took it away intentionally. It’s a bug and will be fixed soon.

Stop beating a dead horse already.


Vulgarity is also a sign of one who is limited in debate and limited in vocabulary in which to express their emotions. It is never acceptable in even spirited discourse, and detracts from the substance of your arguments.


How do you know? Has MS/Asobo told you personally that we will get them back? It’s not beating a dead horse unless MS/Asobo has made an announcement or we see them back in the game.

Yes sir, they personally called me and were very concerned about the sensitivity missing. Such a game breaker.

I find most comments immature with no real content. I am very critical myself of certain things but thats the definition of beating a dead horse.

The issue has been made aware and posted a million times so I would bet my life on it that they know. Even then I don’t get all bent out of shape since there is a workaround.

I get mostly concerned with design and development issues than a few bugs here and there.


It took me 10 seconds to find it on the known issues list:

And 30 seconds to find this using the search function:


It’s not exactly rocket science finding the known and documented issues. It seems to be difficult for many, though.

Thanks I feel for you guys. Even trying to generate some positivity has been a challenge. Thanks for all you do.


Considering the moderator essentially scolded the person for not using search, I fail to see how he generated positivity.

They need to hire someone to put the ban hammer down on half these trouble makers who do nothing but whine, complain and stir up ■■■■.

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I’ll take the bait.

There are a number of people here (quite a few actually) who do not want to see any dissent, negativity or discontent from forum users. The game and the developer of the game are sacrosanct.

Many of these threads, including numerous ones that have ended up locked, go something like this:

1.) Original topic
2.) Dissent from original topic
3.) Ad hominem against the dissenter by the thought police.
4.) Dissenter makes the mistake (like I am now) of replying to the thought police
5.) Lock post and ban, usually for the dissenter, as the thought-police aggressively flag posts.

While the moderators have thus far been somewhat hands-off, ultimately I think that they support this behavior because I get the impression that they want something analogous to a digital version of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This is also an official forum so there is a higher vested interest in it appearing harmonious. Interestingly, keeping dissent confined to this space (not public) is also in their interest. Driving people like me out to reddit or steam or elsewhere in public view can actually cause harm that is otherwise confined by the invisible walls here. But I digress - don’t worry - I’m sure that I’ll be gone soon, and eventually all dissent here will be stamped out and you’ll have your forum utopia where this is the best game ever, and no one will dare say otherwise.


“Vulgarity is also a sign of one who is limited in debate and limited in vocabulary in which to express their emotions.”

Yeah? Some scientists disagree.


I really don’t care that some scientist disagree. What matters here IMO are the forum rules.

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And some scientists disagree with those scientists as well. Regardless, it reflects poorly on you. If you feel you must continue with such base behavior, I do hope the moderators enforce the forum rules.

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In the Japan announcement thread, we skipped #2… they’re basically doing the same thing as complainers.

Well let’s be clear here : NMS at launch was a scam. It didn’t have any of the advertised features, it was a hugely derailed hype train, an empty game and full of problems. The devs took the unheard of approach of taking their utterly destroyed game and fixing it. But it didn’t take a few months, it took like a full year to make it approach what should be a game.

MSFS is the opposite of this. It had the best launch of a flight simulator to date. We’re used to FS games being broken for months! And it completely changed the perception of “standard planes”, everyone was used to planes that were barely placeholders.

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I believe this is the best flight simulator ever created even with it’s current faults.You have the freedom to believe otherwise and that’s perfectly okay.

I suspect reasonable folks believe fixes are coming, even if some are dissapointed in the manner or the time frame. It’s not too much to ask that one’s A/P doesn’t drive you into the ground out of the box. There are real legit problems that should be discussed in a respectful manner. Being angry isn’t a valid excuse to be trolling or personaly attacking devlopers or their supporters.

There is a big difference between those who want this game to succeed and those who appear to want to do nothing but start trouble by endlessly complaining about what hasn’t happened or should’ve happened. We can’t change the past and arguing about it is futile.

There is even a post telling Asobo that they need to be humble. I don’t care what side of the fence one happens to be sitting on but coming on here posting such blatant, ridiculous nonsense does nothing to promote anything good. Personally attacking MS and Asobo is not something anyone should support here.


Well sure, it is the latest one. I completely agree with you on this. Lol. If it wasn’t that would be an epic failure.

I don’t think anyone is attacking anyone else are they? Criticizing the developer that I (we) have a financial relationship with is an entirely valid thing to do. “Supporters” I assume you mean other forum users, I agree, there shouldn’t be any direct criticism.

That’s your opinion. Whoever created that thread probably has the opposite opinion. You are of course welcome to state your disagreement with their position on the thread. If you don’t think that Asobo should be humble, say so. That is literally the point of a forum. What should not be done is stating it in a way that personally attacks the OP/poster.

EDIT: Also, there are quite a few ESL forum members. Extra patience should definitely be exercised when evaluating the language in posts.

Well since companies can’t be attacked personally because they aren’t persons, I don’t think this sentence is applicable. But again, endlessly criticizing companies is completely legitimate.

Don’t expect a quick answer. He is busy on every thread


Don’t expect a quick answer. He is busy on every thread

Are you stalking people… btw, he got an answer in. I think this round you lost

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