Keep your Heads down Asobo

Boys and Girls,

I have programs in development for the government currently and I feel your pain. Don’t feed into the negativity just stay organized and keep your heads down and working (taking bevs in between as required of course). You have accomplished much so far and the end result will be even more groundbreaking. Most people who are complaining haven’t even built a birdhouse before let alone a sim. Thanks for all you do.


Agreed! Sort of unrelated but also related: No Man’s Sky just announced their next update and the amount of content in it is HUGE. I bring this up because at launch NMS was DESTROYED by gamers as not matching their expectations. It got review bombed and sh*t-talked endlessly… A few months down the road they released a big update and since then everyone has LOVED the game and given it rave reviews. My point is: MSFS will be the same. It’s unrealistic to expect it to be everything that everyone wants at launch. A few months/years down the road though and I’m confident it will be the gold standard for flight simulation!

Keep at it Asobo, you’ve done great things and will do many more!


There’s other options than getting destroyed at launch time. Perhaps not release such obvious bugs or introduce bugs and telling ppl two sentences every week about workarounds and fixes.

But I will agree with you guys. Since they are getting destroyed, mostly due to their fault, they should keep working and don’t get affected by the truth.


Sometimes your stuck between a rock and a hard Microsoft. No reason to be anything but supportive, still.


Like a problematic kid, do you give the hard love or forgive them all the time? We can just give them both sides.

That’s just it they have no dammn support i put in for help over 4 days ago and still no word from them
can’t even reinstall from the store this pos software damaged the dammm store can’t install anything in the store now i don’t care if it’s microsoft or asobo which is asobo software which caused all of this mess.
and even if it was working i would not be kissing some ■■■ over it


Well said blackforce999. Clearly their heads have been down the entire time, since little to none of the alpha and beta phase feedback resulted in meaningful fixes prior the release of the game.

Instead of keeping their head down, I would propose that Asobo keep their head up, and actually start paying attention to what they are doing. Otherwise, they will likely continue on a one-step forward, two-step back cadence.


I would suggest a deep breath and go do something else and try it next month. It’s just a sim and they are clearly overwhelmed. Complaining isn’t going to resolve the situation any faster.


Who decided the launch date though, would you guess – Microsoft or Asobo? Yeah…


Thankfully as the consumer, I don’t have to care who on the company side is responsible. I simply expect a working product, with the features that were marketed to me.

Even multi-platinum certified singer and songwriter Andy Grammer says that you gotta’ keep your head up. (not down)


If people are patient enough they will get the greatest flight sim product ever made…Or not which isn’t the worst thing in the world either.

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The World of Flight Simulation is not for the faint at heart, I will compliment ASOBO on a job well done so far, sure there are issues which need urgent attention, but there are also moments in this sim that can take your breath away, that alone is worth the price imo.


For €60 you get a meal in a third class restaurant for two people. At least in my region. The graphics don’t look that great there :slight_smile:


Others though are complaining because they have valid issues. Don’t make it sound like it’s all negative and complaining.


I still fail to see how coming to a post encouraging Asobo and being negative fixes their problems any faster.


I find Asobo to be very polite and far more responsive than the zendesk! I try to send them links to YouTube videos with constructive criticism to assist them! They have undertaken a massive and very demanding ambitious project under obvious time pressure to deliver from Microsoft! I think they have done well so far bearing in mind that they are now being asked for VR support, and to produce a new Xbox version while having all the demands of the many bug fixes requested of them by ardent simmers and pilots alike often on youtube or other social media! On top of this we are now requesting a helicopter flight model! It seems like the excellent scenery and graphics has driven ever more demands for perfection which can probably never be achieved since if Boeing find it hard then PPLs must really be struggling!


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It’s just that when I pay full price for a product I expect it to work as advertised (e.g. live weather to name just one thing that isn’t working as advertised)

I don’t think it is asking too much to expect a product that is working. If they had said - pay for example 60%, for the 60% of the sim that is working, and when we get the rest working, pay the balance - I wouldn’t be complaining. I’d have paid 60% knowing to expect a broken product. If I bought a car and paid full price, I would expect to get all of the car, in working order. Not get part of the car, and expect the rest over the next 10 years in updates.

To me it’s no different when I buy software. I expect it to do what I have been told it will do. At the moment, it doesn’t.

And I don’t think it’s wrong to complain about that.


Could we change the thread title to ‘Is anyone really disappointed’?
I would then know where to got to read the same posts as before and Asobo might find the posts - if anyone believes they still bother to read them at all.

blackforce999, well said again! People should not be mislead into purchasing products that are incomplete, half-done, or however else you want to describe it. Nor should people be mislead by marketing materials showing “live weather” and finding that the weather is not, and likely will not ever, be live. Just one example. Here here brother, keep up the good work.