Keyboard commands

Here is the list with in a few different layouts:


Thanks, but these commands do not match perfectly with MSFS2020, many of them do not have any effect, for instance r do not command frame rate, …

I just made

Do you have it in PDF format?
Yes, well, Cheatography does:

Is this complete and correct?
No. I haven’t even tried all the controls yet.

What’s your source?
It’s based on the commands at, because it was easier to transcribe form a website than from in the game.
I reorganised it for brevity and according to what made sense to me.

The controls are so different from Flight Simulator X and predecessors that I was quite lost trying to control the game.

Yes, but why, when others have already done so here?
It’s at Cheatography because that is an online interface, and lets users collaborate. Hopefully it’ll be easy enough for others to find and edit in future.

Why have you posted this as a reply here rather than created your own thread?
I’m a new user, and not able to create new threads. :disappointed:


awesome stuff Sir! my printer is working right now :upside_down_face:

Is there a keyboard command for zooming in and out on the world map? The scroll wheel on my Logitech trackball doesn’t work very well. It will get in a mode where if you just touch it it will zoom ALL THE WAY in or out. If I change it in the setpoint software it works correctly for awhile and then boom. You touch it and it zooms to the max. You can’t do anything between all the way in and all the way out.

Yes, as others have posted. But let’s face it, you’ll likely never use most of the commands for which keys are defined, and you’ll likely hate the keys assigned to the commands you’ll actually use. So, the best option is to create your own keybindings. That way, keys will be what you’re already familiar with. I recently made a How-To for this (among other things)

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This one is much better than the one I did months ago. Unfortunately it has no credits on it so I can’t tell you the OP. This is a screenshot of the original PDF which I could download before release but I can’t upload a PDF now.


These are perfect, thanks for sharing them. If you want to download them I found that @GtounetMS posted downloads to them in another thread.


I have made a draft of a keyboard layout (For norwegian keybard layout):

I made it with:

JSON for the code is here free to improve and edit:


Regarding Zooming in/out on certain mice, I’ve got same exact issue with Marble Mouse trackball. Should have been implemented as two onscreen “+ / -” icons, but looks like dev team overlooked.

Hi @SoapierBee53, keyboard layout editor is great, but let me share with you, which is designed for this use case (showing keyboard keys mapped to their function in different software packages).


thank you!

I will check this out.

  • Toggle avionics master – Pgup - why does this appear in the autopilot section?
    Also, it conflict with Select Next POI in the instrument views?

Bit of an eye test but cool way to figure out what keys are available.

Here is a complete Key Command List of AVAILABLE commands. I used the sim’s in-game key command list as a reference. I did this by hand, but it should be accurate.



That’s nice, thanks. Do you have one spreadsheet with the assigned key combinations?

On my keyboard NONE of these commands work.

I can use F7 to toggle the flaps down and F6 to retract them. I can use the arrows up and down, left and right to move inside cockpit. The P key does NOT start “Active Pause”.

Any suggestions?

Assuming the keyboard works properly in other apps.go to Controls and search on each of the ones that don’t work and confirm that they are assigned correctly or not.

I just checked mine and I had to set the “P” to active pause. It worked on earlier beta versions so the default must have been changed.

Try Restore to see if that changes and sets them properly.

If everything looks ok and it still doesn’t work then you should submit a ticket to zendesk.

The default is “pause”.
On my old Hewlett Packard keyboard I don’t have a dedicated Pause button. I have a button labelled:



But I found by accident that the Trigger on my Sidewinder FF2 will pause the game.