King Air C90 by BT Studio

I just skimmed through this entire post. Wow! Just wow!

Microsoft and Adobo need to get their ■■■■ together and have a standard that needs to be met before something is listed in the marketplace. Not to mention, a refund policy for when something doesn’t live up to standards.

I doubt I’ll ever buy from the Marketplace again (even though I didn’t buy this plane). There is just too many great planes available elsewhere. It’s sad though because having all of them central from one location makes updates much easier.

I suggest anyone who purchased a sub-par product in the marketplace open a ticket with Adobo. The only way they will change is if enough people complain.


Quality standards for the marketplace are a can of worms I MS/Asobo probably doesn’t want to open because there is no objective criteria for what’s “good enough.” You could ask five different members on this forum and get five different answers.

And most of the other add-on storefronts like SimMarket don’t have any particular quality standards either.


Thank you all for your detail research and information. The end.


Disappointing news.

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I guess now he’ll dissapear until he releases the next plane …


Please correct any errors in the performance of the plane. This plane is not capable of maintaining 180 kts at 13,500 ft ??? something is wrong. Another error is that the pitot do not work … there is a constant message that they are not on even when they are. the gauges of the amount of fuel are always in full they do not move. Please correct these problems as soon as possible.


I had a few issues also, and later received a full refund. See:King Air C90

I’ll admit, I was hoping to see some progress on the C90 by now. Overall, I like the aircraft. The model is good, but the systems need a lot of work. As “The Jeremy of Boston” pointed out, the FMC doesn’t communicate with the display. I primarily fly IFR, so I’m unable to use this aircraft.

Other things I’d like to see fixed, all of which has been mentioned by other people:

The flap speeds are set for the CJ4 on the speed tape, so it’s saying you should be at flaps 15 while at full speed. (I believe someone mentioned the speeds listed on the placard are wrong too, but I’ll admit that I’ve never looked at that)

The armrest either needs to be animated, or in the up position. It blocks your view of the FMC.

Animated doors would be a nice touch.

The nose wheel visually turns the wrong way.

The pitot heat warning never go away, even when it’s on.

There’s other things people have mentioned, but these are the main ones bothering me. JuiceBox7535 (I’m purposefully not tagging people, as to not bother them) has a comprehensive list of things above, some of which I put here. Some of it is beyond my scope of knowledge, as I don’t know anything about this aircraft in real life.

I’m hopeful that progress is quietly being made in the background, however, I’d prefer to hear about said progress and plans, if there is any.

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Mark my words: nothing meaningful will be fixed in this product. The developer keeps going out of his way to confirm that his products are worthless and he has no pride in what he does. He also has no shame to have TWO products that are still broken STILL on the market - the Kitfox is still broken and it’s a year old. There is very little doubt in my mind that this guy is the worst of the worst. MScenery bad. Bredok3D is a star developer comparing to this one. BT Studio is out to take advantage of this community and is the most shameful, predatory blight of a developer. Never again, understood? NEVER. Be happy there is a strict Code of Conduct here - I have a lot more colourful words in mind.


Yes and so what? @BostonJeremy77’s opinion is in line with what a lot of folks think about this dev around here, so he has every right to voice them. If you read through the whole thread carefully he even tried to get a productive conversation going with the dev (e.g. King Air C90 by BT Studio - #234 by BostonJeremy77), but that didn’t lead to anything… I’m totally at loss as to how someone still can defend this. Makes me wonder if someone’s just using a different handle to shush any criticism


And I can voice one too. Not looking for any approval. Take care.

It’s simple. This user was trolling DC Designs thread with baseless accusations (something he has been doing for months and his behaviour was addressed many times by moderators and DC Designs) and I called him out on it. Now he is on some sort of silly warpath against me and decides to lash out wherever he sees my posts. Just ignore him. It’s really not worth it. No reasonable discussion can be had here. :wink:

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No not at all. Again wrong, I purchased this plane and was looking at any updates. I follow many trends on here looking for updates and tips. You seem to voice your opinion and troll this site, defend on your bias on topics, causing you to inject yourself into disputes. Look at all our posts.

If thats the case, @NYZ06000 , i think we can all use some more trolls like @BostonJeremy77

I have no idea why this was flagged, there certainly was no reason for it


No need to argue here. It will just end with this topic getting closed again, which I don’t want.


Conclusion of the story, such lousy aircraft have no place in the marketplace, unless MS wants to lose its own reputation.

It’s a shame how money is made here …

I’m glad I didn’t buy the dirt …the Kitfox at that time unfortunately already.

I flew it exactly once and never again …this DEV is a money grave,
but unfortunately he is far from the only one


Has please someone the BT Studio homepage for orgiginal information?

I doubt that Big Tire Productions have a website, more likely just information passed to Microsoft marketplace. A small developer. I still think it strange they did not attempt to fix aircraft or reputation given the opportunity for more sales.


well have a look at the Kitfox which was released almost on release day of msfs20, which yet waits to be fixed, this dev just throws half ■■■■■ products on the market and then hopes for good sales until everyone again has forgotten their name so they can finally publish another product.

and repeat


Shovelware is a term I’ve used in the past. I don’t know who coined that phrase, but it gets used far too often.

im sorry i had to learn about this dev the hard way, definitely NEVER buying another addon from this dev.