Knob adjustment with vr controller still to sensetive!

Using the Hp Reverb G2, manipulating knobs are still to sensetive. Its allmost impossible to adjust a choosen heading,baro pressure,course,altitude in any aircraft. The sensetivity needs to be less.

And the trim wheel on the Cessna, you can’t do anything :joy:

Some buttons have a ‘press’ tooltip but I’ve no idea what to press, nothing works…

Yes, many yokes still too sensitive as well (eg the Cessnas)

Besides the turn knob sensitivity, I also have issues flicking switches that go two ways, like say the anti-ice switches in the 747. I try flicking them twice, from “off” to “auto” and then one more time to “on”. Most times it’ll keep switching between “off” and “auto” and then right back to “off”. The direction that you’re moving the controllers in doesnt seem to make a difference.
Don’t understand that you can assign “cockpit interaction” to the thumbsticks, but nothing happens. If you could use the thumbstick to flick "up or “down” while the button is highlighted, that would solve it. Same for the knobs. When they’re highlighted, thumbstick to the right to increase and left to decrease. Would make things much easier, I think.
Great that Asobo is allowing Beta testing again, BTW! :slight_smile:

The increase/decrease interaction binding does work for me on these 3 way switches.

I wish there was more consistency on how VR controllers interact with different switches, I wrote more here

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I think the devs have to try comparing using controllers to manipulate buttons and knobs in X-Plane 11, they nailed it. The interaction in mfs is to sensetive and still buggy with my hp reverb g2 controllers and i dont bother using them at the moment.


They need to completely rework the VR controller interaction. Too many issues/edge cases they haven’t tested.

  • You can’t ‘press’ a button, there is no button assigned to this after you locked on an instrument.
  • Try turning off the Jet fighter for example by moving the thrusters below 0. It’s impossible, and as soon as you touch them, they jump to 100%.

And there is many, many more.

Yes, or my favourite VTOL VR. I love using VR controllers to interact with the cockpit when they work properly !

Dude, that helped a bunch! I can finally flip switches. Had no idea.
Thanks for your feedback!


I really love the immersion of flying using the VR controllers, but due to a few problems with the implementation I find only some planes usable at the moment, in case you are interested I put them here :

Haptic feedback is a must also, with each degree of heading / speed / altitude twisted, you feel a vibration or a click as you do in real life

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Right you are. The fact that you use VR controllers to move through actual, physical space accounts for half the immersion, in my opinion. Turned the “raycast” option off first thing. If you wanna turn on that engine 4 bleed air in the 747 from the left seat, say (they’re on the very far right of the overhead panel). Well, you had better stretch and reach all the way over there to do so! Haha.
I will certainly have a look at your post that you linked.
Thanks again, and have a great weekend! :sunglasses:

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Agreed, @Eddrik84. X-Plane 11 absolutely nailed it.
Take note, MSFS / Asobo!
No shame in learning from the best (in this matter).
And maybe even improving on it?! :smiley:


Hi guys,

A year and half since last post and after the 40th anniversary update the issue still exists for me…
Has anyone found a solution to the over sensitive dials, especially in the cessnas? I use the pimax controllers in vr and still have a lot over sensitive twist knobs in the cessna 172.
For example when trying to set the altitude in the cessna 172 autopilot, as soon as you try to dial in an altitude the display goes crazy and ends up at 99,000 feet!. … completely unuseable. … I have to go out of vr to set the alt with a mouse.
Hope you guys have had better luck with this.

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Nope, the knobs are pretty much unusable still. I’m on WMR / Reverb G2 and there’s no way to make any precise adjustment in VR. Instead, I built myself a dual-encoder control box along with other controls and motion rig in my project. Now I can control everything with precision. There’s nothing like hardware :slight_smile:

It doesn’t mean the problem is not there. I don’t understand why is it still not fixed, along with the other problems with VR controller implementation, like the controller falling to sleep all the time and requiring button presses to wake up, awkward controls interaction, inability to just “flip” the switches, impractical throttle interaction etc… X-Plane has done it almost perfectly in 2017…

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Yes agreed. There is no reason why MS should have sorted this issue but I guess anything VR is low on their priority list.

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still broken after the 2nd March 2023 update

Still broken indeed. It’s almost impossible to use a VR controller or hand tracking for instruments.