VR Controllers - Add ability to "grab" multiple throttle levers at once

When flying multi engine planes (like the CJ4) in VR using VR controllers, only a single engine lever can be selected/grabbed and moved at a time. This makes takeoffs, landings, and really any situation that calls for a throttle adjustment pretty difficult and unnatural feeling.

Please add the ability for VR controllers to grab multiple throttle levers at once.

This could be an option menu setting such as “Move all throttles” so users can turn it on or off as they wish. For me, personally, i’d like it to be adjustable on the fly. Sometimes on the ground i’ll want to only use only engine instead of both.

I literally just came here to look to see if this could be done, and since it can’t, I too would like to request this change (along with fixing all the other VR issues that cropped up with this release)

How it is done in X-Plane is there is a bar connecting the two levers together. You can select the bar and move both together or select the levers individually if that is what you need to do.

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This really isn’t something to put on a wishlist as it is game breaking feature neglect. VR controllers are useless without the option to move more than one lever at a time. How is one suppose to take off without being able to move all throttle levers at once?

Also this should not be in the settings as one needs to move all or a single lever when needed. It should just be a modifier key that moves all levers when pressed and a single when not.


In the meantime, if you have them spare you can map right-controller Y axis to increase/decrease throttle. Make sure to set a suitable deadzone on both X and Y.

very poor implementation of throttle manipulators, impossible to grab multiple thrust levers, how am i supposed to fly the 747 handling one throttle lever at once? this is ridicoulous it can’t be called vr controller support, as the vr controllers are nearly useless at this stage, how come a much older game like xplane have a far way better vr controller interaction? very frustrated by Asobo…

oh yea, this is a really annoying issue.
Sure you could work around it with bindings, but why using VR controllers then at all. I prefer virtual controllers to HOTAS actually for immersion reasons because i can interact with the controls with my hands and not with the thumbstick.


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Upvoting, I just discovered this after moving on to the bigger planes and it is completely gamebreaking!

Just to update this, whilst Asobo did allow the original aircraft throttles to be grabbed at once, it seems almost all third party planes including most of the official planes released with the 40th Anniversary have this problem, making them unflyable with VR controllers.

Please could Asobo make this multi-throttle control be enabled by default for all aircraft when a VR controller is detected?

not a chance, asbo have made it clear they are not interested in us.

Easy solution might be:

  1. use trigger button to grab only one lever, as if pushing with finger.
  2. use grab button to grab both, as if palming the whole throttle.
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what do you mean use the grab button? the VR controller dose not have this option just a button to grab the selected item. sadly the throttles wont select both at the same time so i can only advance 1 at a time…

@russflyin I believe the previous poster was suggesting the grab button as a feature to be added, I don’t believe it’s possible to do this now.

It sounds like a great option although I guess would take some additional work from the Devs. As a first step I would be happy just for them to have the same solution they made in Dec 2021 (all throttles move together when grabbed) applied by default to all other aircraft. Yes, it would mean we cannot control throttles individually with the controller, but it would mean the aircraft are flyable whereas they are currently not at all.

this has to be the top no 1 that I care about now. it is really bad just to move one throttle at a time.

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