VR controllers: Robin DR400 works OK, any others?

I was a bit disappointed with the VR controller implementations due to the following main issues:

-Cannot tilt controller to control joystick/yoke, so often loses tracking and also have to keep looking at it to know its position[VR controllers: please let us tilt the controller to move/tilt the joystick]
-Cannot move all throttles together [VR Controllers - Add ability to "grab" multiple throttle levers at once]
-Virtual yoke oversensitive on many planes [VR controllers: yoke oversensitive on many planes]
-Cannot predict/control 3 way switches [VR controllers: how to control 3 way switches?]

However today I tried the Robin DR400 and wanted to share that I think it is probably the best experience at the moment, as it is least affected by the above problems:
-Joystick is in a good position to be visible whilst flying (visible feedback of joystick position) whilst also in a comfortable position to rest your arm in real life
-Joystick is not oversensitive
-No 3 way switches
-Single engine/throttle

I recommend the following controller setup tweaks:
-Decrease sensitivity on right controller joystick rudder
-Bind left controller joystick up/down to trim up/down
-Bind right controller joystick up/down to increase/decrease cockpit interaction, for fine control of the dials.
-Fly with proximity mode only

I do think that well implemented VR controllers really add to the immersion of working the cockpit - Has anyone found any other aircraft that give a good experience with VR controllers ?

Thx for this, I have to try out the dr400. I hope the devs fixing the issues you mentioned. I head one guy saying, that in the beta of msfs2020, you cant controll the virtual yoke with youre vr controller anymore? I hope that isnt true, or is only a issue for the beta.

Since I dont want to buy a flight stick or yoke controller, I love the idea to control everyting with vr controller.
That was the reason I reinstalle msfs2020.

Hmm no I don’t think that’s true, I’m on latest beta and can still use yokes, although I don’t tend to use yoke aircraft due to issues listed above. If I remember correctly the TBM yoke wasn’t as oversensitive as the Cessnas, but the aircraft does have the 3 way switch problems. Also note the beta allows you to use both controllers at the same time, it is better than the non-beta.

Just to add FlyingIron added VR controller support to their Spitfire in the new update.

The Spitfire stick actually works surprisingly nicely with the VR controllers and is not oversensitive. There are some minor issues I noticed such as parking brake being very difficult to click, and some tooltips missing, hopefully these will be fixed in next update.

Not sure if anyone is reading this but I have found a workaround for the 3 way switches, for example the pitot heat in the TBM. They can be controlled by the “increase cockpit interaction” binding, the same one that is useful to have better control of knob rotation. It is still not ideal as it is not visually obvious which switches will be controlled by moving the hand, which will be controlled with a single click, and which will be controlled with the “increase cockpit interaction” binding, but it is better than having no control of them at all!

With this knowledge the TBM is usable, I find the yoke to not have as much oversensitivity as the Cessnas.

With the SU8 beta multiple throttle fix, I have found the 787 with Heavy Division mod works quite nicely with the VR controllers. The switches I used worked fine (sometimes using the workaround to bind interaction to thumbstick), although I am pretty new to this aircraft and haven’t yet tested all of them. For the yoke I would still much prefer tilt control, but here at least the yoke is large and not oversensitive - manageable especially if mainly taking control after the autopilot has stabilised approach.

The A320 is still not flyable in my opinion, due to the sidestick problem (unnatural movement and more prone to tracking error due to sidestick positioning) which I think would be fixed by allowing tilt control. Also the FBW version has additional problems such as not being able to push/pull autopilot knobs, and SU8 multi throttle fix not working.

Dear Asobo / Microsoft team, please heed this man’s / woman’s (sorry, @RebuffedBee9595, can’t tell from your user name :sweat_smile: ) words!
He/she is basically giving you a step-by-step how-to guide on making the VR controls awesome.
Thanks for putting in the work, @RebuffedBee9595. Appreciate it.

PS, dear Asobo / Microsoft team: Might wanna ask X-Plane 11 how they did it so well. :yum:

That being said, I appreciate the development being put into the sim for continuous improvement.


With oculus 2 - In the Cirrus (which has joysticks like the airbus) the right hand controller will ‘grab’ the left stick (Pilot side). but not the right stick. The left controller wont grab either.
In the Cessna 172 the right controller will grab the left column but not the right. The left controller wont grab either. So altogether not much use. I use a thrustmaster stick and a mouse.

What about a DA40? They tend to be simple to operate. The community improved one throws a message at flight start that it’s not compatible with VR controllers. But I’m not sure why.

It’s my favorite VR airplane now because of the view, has easy to see gauges up top while still offering modern avionics.

The SR 22 is also nice but I can’t take an A pillar any longer, lol.

I just use physical controls though. I tried once but couldn’t get it working.

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To be clear in this thread I am referring to operating the aircraft entirely with VR controls, to avoid the awkward switching and clashing with physical controls.

I actually found the da62 mod would not allow me to grab the yoke with the VR controllers, but the default Asobo one would. Indeed now there multi throttle is fixed, and with the multi switch workaround discussed above, many more aircraft are playable with vr controllers, albeit some are much more affected by problems of tracking loss and/or awkward yoke/stick control - as above I believe these would be fixed by implementing tilt controls like in VTOL or xplane.

I’ve been flying mostly the Robin for this reason. I’ve found the F-18 works pretty well with just the VR controllers but haven’t had much luck with many others.

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