Q2 controller cockpit interaction bindings?

I want to get started trying the VR controllers for fiddling with cockpit knobs, switches, and buttons while relying on my HOTAS for flight controls and throttle.

I’m overwhelmed with where to start. Do I absolutely need things on locked mode still (which I despise)?

How do I enable the thumbstick axis to be used for rotary knobs? How about things I need to grab and then move like mixture? Flipping switches? Pushing pfd/MFD buttons?

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I wrote some stuff in here that might help

So the only applicable thing from that post seems to be bind increment/decrement to right thumb. What about buttons, switches, and pulling/pushing controls (mixture, etc)?

I like to start Cold & Dark and set everything up with VR controllers, then fly with HOTAS. That’s why I changed the defaults like this:

  • Flight control surfaces unbound (I only steer with HOTAS)
  • Cockpit Interaction - X Axis + Y Axis unbound (too imprecise)
  • Cockpit Interaction - Increase: Thumbstick X (on both controllers)
  • Cockpit Interaction - Decrease: Thumbstick Y (on both controllers)

This lets me toggle binary switches with the trigger and precisely toggle multi-position switches and turn knobs with the thumbstick.

This sounds close to what I want. Is there any way to have the X axis do both increase and decrease? Ie. push one way knobs turn clockwise, the other way counterclockwise?

Binding increase to x axis and decrease to x axis reversed did the trick!

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