VR controllers: how to control 3 way switches?

Does anyone know how to control 3 way switches with VR controllers? For example the bleed switch on the TBM, shown below, although there are many others. They seem to move in a random direction when you click them. I suspect they are acting in the same way when using the mouse, but with the mouse you get the visual arrow to show which way they will move before clicking them, this does not seem to appear in VR.

I would prefer that these 3 way switches act in the same way as the levers such as flap levers, where you grab hold of them and move the controller up or down in the way you want them to move, like in real life. (I personally would like this applied to 2 way switches as well, but this is less important as at least with 2 way switches, you know which way it will move before you click on it.)


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I have found that these 3 way switches, in the TBM at least, can be controlled using the “increase cockpit interaction binding”, the same one used for the incremental control of rotating knobs.

It means different switches require different controller actions to use, which are not visually obvious. There are at least 3 different types in the TBM:

  1. 2 way switches where they activate as soon as you press trigger - For example TBM landing gear, TBM 2 way switches to the left of the Yoke such as de-ice
  2. 3 way switches where they will move in a random direciton if you click them, and you must use the “increase cockpit interaction” binding to actually control them - For example TBM bleed air
  3. Switches and levers that do nothing on trigger, and require them to be grabbed/triggered and then dragged in the direction you wish to move them - example TBM Flaps, TBM throttle. Arguably the axis of motion for the TBM flaps is not correct - it requires you to move your hand in vertical axis, whilst the flap lever is closer to a horizontal or diagonal axis.

My personal opinion is “grab and drag” is best, and should be applied to all of these switches. This is the method used in the excellent VTOL VR. The increase/decrease interaction can remain optionally available for mapping to a thumbstick, like it is now.

I too noticed this issue flying the TBM, mostly its manageable eventually except when adjusting the rudder trim. Doing that did not go well. I wanted to learn the TBM and so far I love it but it likes to roll to the right, also tho feathering doesn’t seem to work real well either. Not at all actually. Been looking for a fix but haven’t found one. Hence why I am here, but this isn’t looking promising either.

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