Unplayable with VR controllers?

Is it just me or is this game almost unplayable with VR controllers? Any kind of cockpit interaction other than flipping a switch is almost impossible. eg touching the trim sets it to max trim down. trying to adjust any knob seems to just move it randomly.

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I’ve gone back to the mouse.
Touch Controller implementation was done poorly by MS/Asobo.
Again they were better off just hiring FlyInside devs for such tasks.

they have tried to reinvent the wheel … its a very very poor attempt.

It’s hard to believe this is the result of months of effort unless it was basically one person’s side project.

It isn’t really useable for more than tinkering. No serious flying is possible with just controllers at this point.

Xplane is still far better in this respect where all I need are my rudder pedals and my VR controllers and I can everything from interacting with the menus, to all cockpit interactions including ATC interactions (which are admittedly terrible) without ever touching a mouse or keyboard.

I really hope MSFS gets there before too long. It’s a hot mess right now.

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I had high hopes for the “VR fixes” in SU7. In reality nothing much has changed. I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship. “Maybe she’ll change… just one more chance… just one more”.
X-Plane 12 is looking very tempting when it releases.

I find it fine,no probs,yes it takes a little while to get the feel for the controllers but you can use the left controller joy stick if you prefer not to touch the yoke. Using virtual desktop or Airlink almost untethered. Just have to work out a way to remap CNTRL TAB to enter VR via the controller’s. The recent update has enabled the menu again with the controllers.

After my previous rant, I have had a better experience on my last few flights. It has been a month since touching MSFS and I had fallen foul of some common “gotchas”.

I can report that rotating dials now works much better. It is usable, and if you want fine precision, assign the thumbstick axis to the “Cockpit Interaction - Increase” and “Decrease” actions

  1. Ensure all your devices are plugged in before you start. Often I’ve done this out of sequence and the sim has reverted a controller to a default state instead of my “VR” profiles.
  2. Make VR profiles for every controller. In my case I have the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, mouse, keyboard, Pdeals and VR Controller. The best suggestion I can give is to unmap EVERY toggle switch. Just don’t have them do anything at all. They are almost useless in VR, and all they will seriously mess you up if you attempt to use a swtch in the VR cockpit which you have mapped to a physical switch. Basiclally, anything with some kind of “absolute” value (buttons are OK, switches are not). I fell foul of this the other day because I had mapped an axis to Flaps… which works great in the Cessna Grand Caravan, because the flaps lever on the Bravo is in the same place as the linear flap lever in the Grand Caravan. But for one flight I had switched to the CubCrafters, where the Flap handle is to the left of your head, which I instinctively adjusted in VR. The problem is, every now and then (probably when I brushed against the flap lever on the Bravo), the flaps would fully extend, seemingly by themselves, because the sim decided to read the absolute position of the Bravo lever. So un-assign EVERYTHING except those inputs you will ONLY use a physical input for. Yes, you will feel like you wasted your money on your controller with dozens of buttons, but it will make the experience in VR much more reliable.
  3. Figure out the configuration of the VR Controller. This is a real pain, as you can only assign actions to the VR controller with the headset on. As soon as you remove the headset, the motion controller disappears from your list of controllers.
  • IMPORTANT: Trigger needs assigning to 3 separate actions: “Select”, “Cockpit Interaction - Primary Action”, and “Grab World Map”
  • For some reason, most of the other options like secondary action, tertiary action don’t do anything in VR (I’m not sure they anything even outside of VR)
  • Squeeze, I leave unassigned because it accidentally gets pressed when the controller is on my lap
  • A : VR - Toggle Toolbar
  • B: Toggle Raycast and Non-raycast modes
  • Assign the thumstick X-axis to “Cockpit Interaction - Increase” and “Cockpit Interaction - Decrease” (invert the axis of one of these). This treats the proportional joystick like a digital D-pad, which is a shame, but better than have it do nothing. This is really useful for fine tuning rotary knobs. Just “grab” them with the VR trgger and either rotate your whole hand, or use the thumbstick left and right to fine tune.
  1. Ensure all you essential VR related inputs are easily accessible on your yoke or joystick. I assigned them to the hatswitch because I don’t need it in VR, and it is an input which tends not to exist on a real yoke.
    Hat DOWN: VR - Activate/Deactiate VR Mode
    Hat RIGHT: VR - Camera Reset,
    HAt LEFT :VR - Toolbar toggle

Yoke Left trigger button: VR - Cockpit Focus (this is important that this is on the left hand, as the left hand never (rarely) leaves the yoke, and means I can zoom into the G1000 whilst interacting witth the VR Controller.

That is all I can remember at the moment. I will add to this if I think of anything


I tried msfs and motion controllers when it 1st became available, did not enjoy it or take to it.
Today i tried VTOL VR which is a vr flight sim that only allows motion controllers and i enjoyed it, had very little problems with it.

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Yep, it took me just a few flights in VTOL for me to realise I preferred using (well implemented) VR controllers to physical HOTAS. Incredible immersion, control and real variety to different cockpits.


Indeed there are many problems, I made a few different topics on them but not many votes unfortunately

What Asobo needs to do is put themselves into VR and try to fly a little. And then they need to write down whatever doesn’t work. Yes I know that will be a long list, but it has to be done. Then they need to find someone that knows VR and have them rework the code.

Yesterday I had the urge to try VR controllers again. It was fun. But trying to land in the 172 when the throttle resets to full everytime you grab it is not fun. I pull the throttle to about 50%, then I grab it again and it goes stright to 100% before I can pull it out. It’s not fun trying to land when you constantly have a ghost that push the throttle fully all the time.


Goodness yes! I bought MSFS a few days ago with the sole intention of playing VR with motion controlers only.

Having come from Xplane 11 doing just that with no problem, its been a very rough ride with MSFS. The current implementation of motion controler interaction feels janky at best and broken at worst. Stalled many times because I dared to touch the trim wheel or looked at the yoke the wrong way. And dont get me started on the inability to move multiple throttles at once.

Everything seems massivley oversensitive and it’s a real shame too because I’d love to keep playing, the game is gorgeous in VR. I believe when done right motion controllers can be even more immersive than using a stick, so I really hope we get some polish on this in the near future.


how did you solve pressing the FMS knob in VR ! with the mouse in 2D pancake mode it is basically “press and hold left mouse button” , at the same time press “right mouse button” but this does not work in VR.
did you bind " VR - cockpit interaction - right" to a different G2 button?

how are your other bindings for the G2 handhelds. i cannot get the G2 controllers properly interact the push button action (HDG, FMS knob etc)

thanks ! Franz

I was able to push/pull the autopilot knobs on the Asobo A320 by grabbing them with primary trigger and moving my hand back/forward, but not working on the FBW A320 - I think this is a bug on their side

i moved the default right mouse button (VR-cockpit interaction) to the honeycomb yoke. now i can use the left right mouse click in VR, at least using the knobs with the mouse.
but with the G2 controllers it does not work. did anyone do this succesfully ?

and, who an earth decided to move a central function like HDG pressing or FMS knob press to “click left mouse click, hold, right mouse click” . and why. never seen a thing more stupid.
and obviously nobody in Asobo and testing team did an ifr flight in VR since SU5 update and the new “lock interaction system”. sorry to say.

VR -Sim update 8 beta

  • Several bug fixes and improvements on cockpit and panels interactions with VR controllers
  • Multiple throttles are controlled simultaneously with VR controllers
  • The yoke is not frozen anymore when a panel is hovered
  • Input from other peripherals are recognized while an in-flight menu is open
  • The toolbar is easier to reach with VR controllers
  • VR controllers are not detected as new device every game session
  • Default pilot camera position updated in several planes
  • Volumetric Lighting effects are fixed
  • HUD is not in the middle of the field of view anymore in Reno air races
  • Various fixes in the game flow in Reno air races

Pleased to see some VR controller improvements on today’s optional update

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