Kodiak 100 - It Done Blowed Up

I know it’s a known issue. Upon cold startup, the temp gage races to the red and the engine blows up. You have to exit to the main menu to start again. It has been relatively random until recently. Last time I had to restart 4 times! Is anyone aware of a fix?

The fix is reading the manual to avoid hot starts. There’s nothing wrong that needs fix.


I don’t fly the Kodiak, but had similar experience when starting the Black Square King Air in high ambient temperatures (like over 100 Fahrenheit). The solution is to let the NG% gauge go higher (20%?) before introducing fuel with the condition lever. This is to allow more airflow through the engine and keep it cooler during startup.

I’ll assume the Kodiak is modelled similarly.

Read not only the manual, but more importantly: follow the checklists to the letter.

First, I can find nothing in the manual about the engine blowing during startup. If I missed it, please point it out to me. I know it can blow during a hot start. But this is during cold and dark startup.
Second, according to SWS known issues, “To reset the engine failure you need to exit to the main menu. That is a limitation of the system and we don’t know why it happens. This is the only way to reset a failure.” As I said, I did that four times in a row before the plane started normally.
Third, I bought the plane two years ago and have flown it regularly since. The problem with the engine blowing started randomly about a year ago.
If there is something I can do during a cold and dark start to avoid the problem, please let me know.
Thanks for the input.

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What SWS is saying is once the engine failure occurs (not a failure of the product). The sim needs to be restarted. This is the MSFS limitation part.

The engine is blowing by design.

As for the “random” start of the issue, it wasn’t random the Kodiak was updated to include these features.

A subtle grammatical point, but it sounds like only the flight needs to be restarted, not the sim (which would mean ‘Exit to Desktop.’)

Some planes do have the ability to repair damage using a tool on the ESB. I guess the Kodiak does not.

Thanks for all your responses. Unfortunately, they do not address the issue.
Let me take a different approach. Does anyone else have this problem with the Kodiak? If so, please let me know your experience.

Which issue, you have 2 listed.

  1. The blowing of the engine - This has been built in by design by the developer. Proper start procedures for climate conditions / checklists prevent this

  2. Once the engine does blow, getting it re-set - This is identified as a core sim issue (not being able to reset within the flight you are currently in and requires you to leave the flight and restart). Does this always work? No, we have similar issues with Air Manager events locking out switches in the Virtual Cockpit etc and we have to quit the sim entirely to get it to re-set.

So again, you are not battling any issues with the Kodiak itself, you are battling built in engine failures due to improper usage and a sim limitation after that occurs.

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I understand the blowing of the engine is built in. But, why does it blow immediately upon cold and dark startup? For example, I load MSFS and the enter the game to fly the Kodiak. I click Fly. I turn on the battery, etc. Then I turn on the starter and the temp immediately climbs to the red and the engine blows. I exit the flight to the main menu. Start over with a new flight, click Fly and go through the same procedure and the engine blows again.
You say it blows due to climatic conditions. Does that mean the ambient temperature at the airport is too high? Why after anywhere from one to four attempts at the same airport with the same temperature, and all other conditions being the same, does the engine finally start normally?

Great video, and excellent YT Channel…subscribed!

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A hot start occurs when there is far too much fuel in the hot section for the engine speed and it all detonates at once. In real life they will cost you a half million dollar hot section teardown and inspection.

Hot Starts are easy to avoid. Just follow two basic rules:

  1. NEVER introduce fuel (by moving condition lever out of fuel cutoff) until Ng has stabilized at a good level. Patience is your friend here.

  2. Always have ignition ON or in AUTO before engaging the starter. Turning ignition on after introducing fuel is really really bad.

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No one seems to understand. This is not a hot start! It’s cold and dark. All I do is turn on the starter, nothing else.
Am I the only person in the world that has experienced this?

See my response above re: the King Air. You can have a “hot start” from cold and dark if you introduce fuel too soon and the ambient air temp is high. What is the ambient air temperature when this happens?

Try starting your plane in northern Canada, and then try it in some desert where it’s over 100 Fahrenheit, and compare results.

You’re mis interpreting what the term “hot start” means i think. If you dump fuel into the combustion chamber before N1 is high enough the engine essentially burns itself up. It can happen during any start including cold and dark.

It doesn’t mean you are starting the engine already warmed up to operating temps. It means you literally overheated your engine because you didn’t follow procedure.

Mate, just let Ng rise to 14% before you push the mixture lever forward. A hot start means you fried the engine because you ignited the gas before sufficient airflow causing it to get way too hot. It can happen whenever the engine in started, cold or warm.

It’s all on page 25 of the manual.

I do not introduce fuel. All I do is turn on the starter.
Regardless, why does it finally start under the exact same conditions after several tries? Last time it happened, I backed out to the main menu, chose a different plane and entered a flight, exited the flight, came back to the Kodiak in the exact same conditions as the first time and it started on the first try.

At this point I would rather try a reinstall of the Kodiak.You might have originally downloaded the kodiak with a corrupted file