Kodiak 100 reverse

I bought the kodiak 100 from Flightsim.com and am trying it out. I have a problem with the reverse. I set a throttle button to: “Maintain reverse thrust of throttle” but when I press it nothing happens, as if it doesn’t recognize it. The Cessna 208 Caravan Ex also has the same problem, but in the Daher Tbm 930 the same button works perfectly. Is there a way to activate reverse from button? Thank you.

I don’t own the Kodak (yet!) but on the Caravan I had the same problem. I don’t remember the exact terminology for the mapping that worked, but it was something like “Throttle number 1 decrease”. The “number 1” part makes sense, but I would never have guessed that “decrease” would make reverse work. I’m pretty sure that whoever came up with all of the mappings has never actually seen a real airplane. :small_airplane:

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If you configure the Neutral point on your power lever, everything below that point will be reverse, and above forward thrust. My physical lever has an idle detent, so I rest the lever there, the in the sensitivities screen I adjust the Neutral point so that the white dot sits on the centre horizontal line.

There is no need to use a reverse “button” now, as it’s all driven by the axis alone.

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