Kodiak 100

Anyone tried this yet? I weakened and bought it today and I have a few issues with it. First of all the the plane pulls wildly to the left when taking off. I mean i know all propeller planes do this to some extent but this one does it on steroids.

Also the cockpit textures. Not sure if my eyes need testing but the instrument labels on the FMS (i.e. NAV, APR, AP buttons etc) seem unusually small and difficult to read. I find I have to zoom right in to read them Never noticed it on any other plane. Anyone else noticed this?

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This plane has a 750shp engine and is quite powerfull so it needs 30-50% right rudder trim or a strong leg for right rudder for take-off ,
The pull to the left (P-factor) is absorbed by the ground and when you take-off it starts pulling to the left quite a lot if you don’t compensate for it.

Also, if you take-off near the lowest rotation speed and pull up too hard (i.e. 15 degrees), you will stall her, snap left and drop down.
So rotate at 60-65kts, pitch up gently to about 10 degrees, put in rudder and right yoke to stabilise and then take-off

Some more info here: SimWorks Studios announced development of Kodiak 100 - #253 by G280driver

See an example here:


Does anyone know how to calibrate the throttles for reverse and beta range? I can’t find anything in the manual or on You Tube.

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Interesting…thanks Mike.

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As a workaround for reverse throttle I have bound “decrease throttle” to button 7 of the Logitech Throttle Quadrant.

In addition to what Mike said, have a look at this: Short Field Takeoff Demo - Kodiak 100 - YouTube

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