Kodiak CTD 9 out of 10 times

Kodiak CTD on my Xbox X tried reloading clearing rolling cache no help please fix !!

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I’ve had a few CTD but not that bad. Maybe try deleting the Kodiak and reinstalling it.

Only trying to help here based on a tried and tested solution on PC.

The only way i got the Kodiak to stop causing CTDs when i spawn was by not using Simple Traffic when i want to fly it. Now the interesting thing is that Simple Traffic recommends turning Multiplayer and generic AI traffic to ON. So maybe that’s what’s causing the problem for you?

In other words, try turning "Multiplayer and AI generic to OFF in the traffic settings and set it to ULTRA and see if that solves you CTDs.

some 3rd party scenery addons can do that too.

Kodiak crashed on my PC when I tried DX12. Works fine on DX11.

I understand XBOX uses DX12 as default, so maybe a problem there.

The Kodiak is being updated from 14 March 2022 so possibly will fix your issue then. Might be worth waiting to see.

i had issues on the preflight loading screen, reinstalling the plane did the trick for me now

well basically I have turn the cache off clear it and then close then turn the cache on again clear it again and it will boot ey carumba lol

They are releasing an update on Monday for the Kodiak.

As I already noted above!

Monday’s update is for the PC. The Marketplace version (PC/Xbox) is the latest already.

We do not know why there are crashes on Xbox as we can’t test on the platform, nor do we know how many people get crashes and how many don’t. The only info we have is a report the plane didn’t cause any problems on Xbox before it was cleared.

We are watching this closely, but the best thing we (and you) can do is raise the issue with MS and see if it is the Kodiak, the March 9th update on the Xbox version of MSFS or something else.

MS can cover more angles than us.


What a nightmare for all you developers. Thank you so much for all you do.


Agreed. The fact that the developers can’t test themselves, or submit products for live testing before release (given that for some unfathomable reason, the live Xbox environment is somehow different to the MS/Asobo test environment) is bordering on laughable. We’re basically the guinea pigs. Which would be fine if you could ‘try before you buy’. But, you can’t.

The CTD’s, while numerous for me today (I’ve probably had 4 or 5) thankfully do not detract too much from the experience of flying this wonderful aircraft.


same, i had more or less solved the CTDs with a reinstall (got them only before flight, none during, did 4/5 flights from 20min to 40 min each)

one issue which is persistent though is the mfd map staying black and not switching to TOPO (works on the cargo version only)

all in all i think this is going to be a real game changer for xbox, the quality is there and the plane is joy to fly

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XBox S
1TB expansion
Turtle Beach Controller
CTD’s out of the box. Maybe 6 or 7 in a row. Both small or large airfields. CTDs seems to happen when loading flight from ‘fly’. Till that point all seems to load ok. Got one complete flight from takeoff to landing 'bout 15 mins total. After landing and a re-load went back to CTD.

I’ll hang in there. I do like the plane.

My understanding is MS doesn’t actually test on an Xbox, they test on a PC set up to emulate the Xbox. This has caused issues with other aircraft like the PMDG DC-6. Obviously it worked in Ms certification testing but once it got to the actual Xbox it doesn’t work. Why they thought this would be a good idea on something so complex as a flight sim, I have no idea.

I wonder if the CTDs are caused by the backup flight display. I recall watching a YT review where the reviewer noted that by turning off the backup instrument display via the fuse panel, he saw a significant jump in FPS. I wonder if that backup flight display is causing an issue with memory or maybe there is a memory leak. IDK but guys crashing on Xbox S and X can maybe try turning off the backup flight display and see if they still get crashes post launch. Obviously this wouldn’t effect the crashes pre-launch.

Thank You for the feedback. Well whatever the issue is that makes it CTD, you can get it to work by cycling the cache off and on the clearing the cache. its effective 95 percent of the time on first attempt



please tell us though,

that you do actually have an Xbox in-house to test the released Kodiak on?

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I don’t think there is a mechanism in place for them to test on the Xbox.

I did see someone on the SWS Discord post about having some CTD issues with the Xbox. He said he was using the NXi, and when he went back to the default G1000, things seemed to work fine. Might be worth looking into.

not before release in the Marketplace, only on their development platform,

but my point is - why would SWS not obviously test the Kodiak on an actual Xbox once it IS released?


On Xbox this isn’t a problem because it uses NanoVG to render it, instead of GDI+. It is much more efficient and runs on the GPU vs the CPU.

@craigeaglefire once it is released the game is over. I personally don’t own an Xbox. Also, it is still unclear whether the crashes are from the Kodiak, NXi, MSFS or Xbox OS. Each seems to give a reason.

From the reports I’m seeing a pattern starts to emerge, but it is still unclear what the cause could be. What you guys can do for us is let us know how it breaks and report to MS as well.

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