Kodiak Island Seaplane Bases

Eight seaplane bases on Kodiak Island, complete with water docks and amphibian gates so you can start your amphibian and float planes from cold and dark. More bases coming soon…


Had a look at the screenshots, looks a little low quality to be honest. I know it’s free but MSFS sets such a high bar, populating the sim with low quality assets just doesn’t seem right. Not for me.

Feel free to fire up Blender and give us something better…

@MojaveHigh2379, many thanks for the effort! Even though I don’t usually fly floaters, I’ll be grabbing a copy just to have something around the island other than rocks.


This is so awesome! Just a couple days ago I was flying the 172C float on a circuit that included some seaplane bases, and I was disappointed to find that most of them didn’t even have any scenery at all! I would at least expect a dock. Now it’ll be easier to actually reach my stop since it’s much more visible from the air. I wish there were more add-ons like this, I don’t think seaplane bases are represented as much as traditional airports. Thanks for posting!!! Can’t wait to fly this circuit!

Seeing as you are asking: take a look at the “Return to Misty Moorings” offerings. I think they have done a wonderful job of modelling quite a few seaplane bases in Alaska and northern British Columbia. See here: Return to Misty Moorings - FS2020 Home Page

Some sample images:


You can’t see it, but my jaw just dropped. Thanks for this, it’s perfect! I am currently obsessed with Northern B.C. and Alaska. This looks gorgeous, and it’ll perfectly complement my upcoming missions, flying north from KPAE to somewhere in Alaska, soaring over the majestic wilderness in VR.

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I installed RTMM, and man oh man, it is awesome. If anyone needs me I’ll be over a fjord in Northern B.C., or circling a lighthouse somewhere. Seriously, stunning! The supplemental object libraries for lighting systems really shine, and with the addition of windy things for flags and windsocks, I’m truly blown away (see what I did there?) Seriously, just pulling in to the dock is a visual feast, there are boats, planes, gas pumps, and I’m just hoping some kind folks will walk over and say “welcome to Canada, eh”! My zigzag journey to Alaska continues, now to try and make the MSFS weather system do the area justice, and maybe I’ll sim ground myself for 5 minutes before turning up Floyd’s fluffy precipatation drama layers. RTMM == LOVE!!!

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