Kodiak Pink Screens

Anyone else experiencing pink screens in the Kodiak from external view?

No I am not, but if I recall right, one of the updates with the latest update is removal of the real screens and replacement with simple graphical images when in exterior view to improve LOD framerates. Perhaps then you are seeing something associated with that. Possibly you are using a texture pack that is missing those new textures or something along those lines?

all good thoughts, but I just updated to the most recent version and this is using all built-in textures.

I get this too, but if you zoom in closer the pink goes away and they appear normal. So it’s only from a certain distance or farther that they look that way, at least in drone mode. And it only started happening to me after I updated to the latest version.

glad to hear it’s not just me. sounds like they changed some LOD logic and forgot to add in the zoomed-out textures

I’ve reported this to the SWS discord. It seems to be an issue with certain configs/liveries. Feel free to add a bug report as well. The more information they have, the easier it will be for them to fix it. It’s a certain LOD texture going wrong.

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Have a look at my post here:

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