L39 from Asobo many issues

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Many problems with AP and NAV

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Specifically I will talk about the Drop Bear; to begin with the plane is incredibly well modeled, but with many problems…

Where is the FuelFlow Gauge located?
How do you use/transfer fuel from the Tip Tanks (the button doesn’t do anything)?
Amount of Fuel Gauge, where do I see it?
Where is the APU instrument? How do I know when it is on or off?

But worst of all next, it has like 3 different GPS and they all fight each other, which is the main one, the MFD one? wrong! it’s the 430, but that one only centers the CDI because the AP obeys the route set in the MFD, but if you set an approach, you can’t hit any direct point in the approach, it just gets stuck in some other fix or even the destination.

30min ago i was landing at KORX in the ILS 25 APP, for some reason the MFD had the APP, but the 430 didnt, it only show the RNAV and VOR A…

VNAV is better not to talk about…

the MFD has the option according to me to lower the brightness intensity from the setup, but it does nothing…

Far from enjoying the plane you are fighting with it and guessing/understanding what it wants to do…

By the way, where can I download more liveries? I bought the package in MarketPLace of all the L39, but they do not come with the liveries of the numbers… Also I would like some Brietling livery…

But first that is flyable, for VFR has no problem, but is boring haha for that matter the F18 is way better…

So is there any fix im missing?


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  1. As a kind of a work around I assigned a key combinations to switch ON all the tanks, I switch all of them ON when the pilot must switch them in a real plane. This is not a perfect solution, but at list I can use the fuel from those tip-tanks.

  2. I also assigned a key combination to connect/disconnect external power - on some of the L-39 from this Pack this power is always ON by default (by the way there are always some electricity in those planes even if all sources are OFF)

  3. As for Amount of Fuel Gauge - this info must present in the GPS 430 - on her initial loading screen after you press Enter button to say her OK for the first time, however I did not find a way to set this fuel page, it looks there is a bag also.

  4. Where is the APU instrument? What do you mean? The engine start panel is on your left. The APU starter is covered by black cover. The panel of annunciators is there as well.

  5. How do you use/transfer fuel from the Tip Tanks (the button doesn’t do anything) - This is a valuable information easy to replicate. Reported few times from the beginning, but I am not sure you can find any report about L-39s in a bugs section as they probably were moved from bug section for the same reason as yours. It is suggested to make one report for every bug, but there are too many bugs in those L-39s. No reaction from Asobo. It looks they do not care much about planes from this Pack at this stage - those planes were designed to race and they can race. They only fixed non-working from the beginning HSI in the L-39C Common. The problem is that we are not able to decide is this a bug or not, because we do not have access to the planes modeled (we can more or less guess only about L-39C Common) and we do not know about plans of Asobo - do they plan to model this or that system at all?