Landing and/or taxi lights on airplanes don't project far enough or bright enough

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed that the taxi lights and especially the landing lights on most of the airplanes either aren’t projecting far enough or bright enough to conduct safe landings and taxi.


Not sure if aircraft other than the A320neo are affected.

Strobe lights do not create a flashing strobe effect when flying in IMC. These in combination with landing lights should potentially disorient a pilot flying in IMC.

Picture below of the strobe light on, and the wing light on. The wing light floods the air with ambient light in the cloud…while the strobe (which is far more powerful) is only a small dot in comparison.


Same angle, same conditions, but with the strobe lights off and the landing lights on.

I noticed the same thing yesterday flying through cloud at night in the Bonanza.

But they light up all interior of the aircraft!! :grin:

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The strobes and beacons do not light up the ground as well properly. These lights as well as their reflection from the ground is very dull and lacks that flashy bloom effect. (Better rendered in XP11)

Nights are too dark because light does not disperse properly from cities and airport structures.
Runways and taxiways are darker than they should in real life.
The same problem stands for taxi and landing lights as well for strobe and navigation lights.
They are not affecting other objects and reflections. The lights seem to have 1m effect and not able to illuminate beyond that.

I’m an IFR certified pilot having quite few hours on night flights.


Check your monitor settings? Not intending to be rude. Just an idea as I love the way it looks at night although I’m nowhere near as experienced as you.

I’ve already tried that as well as changing default gamma exposure, which helps but washes all colors.

I guess it is the game then. Just gotta wait until someone comes out with a shader editor tool.

The lights are too dark, Xplane night lights are much better, Even after turning on bloom, the lights doesnt seems to impress. Few of airports doesnt even have runway lights and its soo dark. I hope the brighten up light bit or a free modder to pop up soon

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Some Airports Don’t have runway lighting, they’re vfr day use only…

I’m talking about ambient lighting and lens exposure. Also aircraft lighting.

I agree with you.


I was just about to post the same observation myself.

I hope this can be addressed since it takes away much of the fun with nighttime flying when you fear going down not knowing if you’ll see where you’re going.


Fix for the lights

Tried following that link but fail to find any information about fixed lights :thinking:


Yes i completely agree on this. Im flying the Baron g58 and it is 3am with the taxi and landing lights on i barely see more than say 40 feet in front of the plane. Kinda low isn’t it?


Aircraft lights should illuminate further as well as objects like trees/plants/buildings.


The lights on user aircraft suck overall in this simulator. Not enough light splash, reach, or flare. So absolutely I agree 100%