Landing and/or taxi lights on airplanes don't project far enough or bright enough

Over the past couple of days I’ve noticed that the taxi lights and especially the landing lights on most of the airplanes either aren’t projecting far enough or bright enough to conduct safe landings and taxi.


I agree with you.


I was just about to post the same observation myself.

I hope this can be addressed since it takes away much of the fun with nighttime flying when you fear going down not knowing if you’ll see where you’re going.


Fix for the lights

Tried following that link but fail to find any information about fixed lights :thinking:


Yes i completely agree on this. Im flying the Baron g58 and it is 3am with the taxi and landing lights on i barely see more than say 40 feet in front of the plane. Kinda low isn’t it?


The lights on user aircraft ■■■■ overall in this simulator. Not enough light splash, reach, or flare. So absolutely I agree 100%


Since this wasn’t improved in the last update, let’s hope it will be in future updates.


Bumping this thread as i notice this as well, the lights dont go further than maybe 3 meters in front of you, i had enough courage that i finally could try a night landing but you barely can see anything in front of you when taxiing.

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Hello? taxiway and landing lights do not illuminate the taxiway with the Beech King Air 350. it is annoying at night not to see the road. Thank you

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In addition to not illuminating anything properly, I have recently had issues in the TBM with the landing lights turning on and off while the switch is on (pulse function is not on). I keep getting “Landing lights off during approach” penalty in OnAir during my take-off roll, while the switch is set to on. I can see them going on and off randomly when flying in IMC.

I agree,The strobe,beacon lights also doesn’t illuminate the ground properly and these lights as well as their ground reflections lacks that flashy bloom effect .This effect is properly rendered in XP11.
Also,In general the illumination of all the airport ground lighting (apron,taxiway,runway lights,papi) needs to be inceased as well.
If these little things that affects realism are addressed,I feel we don’t have to look into any other flight simulators in the coming future.

This thread needs more upvoting

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Agreed. Landed at some airport that had no lights besides the runway ones, and there i am attempting to taxi and find a spot in the King Air with lights that illuminate nothing.

Don’t forget to Upvote the following thread regarding this as well:


The taxi and landing lights are SO DIM. Doesn’t even feel like they’re barely on. I’ve noticed this in most planes and especially in the Cessna Longitude.

Hm, maybe it could be the same problem as the night lighting bug.

I was in the C172SP, on a night flight in central Africa, if memory serves. Pitch black, once I took off. The destination had no lighting at all, apart from one building that had lights on which was no help. I was trying to use the VFR map to line up, was actually about 20-30 feet to the right of it. The lights did not light up the ground until I was only maybe 20 feet above the soil, and had enough time to crab over on to the runway.

When I last flew in X-Plane, in the Kodiak, the lights there lit up the trees on final to Hoskins RWY30. I was maybe 100ft up at that point.

I’ve never see anything like that in MSFS, as yet.

that mod that was posted previously in this thread words brilliantly.
even works with my livery king air. now, i can actually see at dark airports.

great mod. i would highly recommend to everyone who’s finds the lighting to be an issue.
thanks to whomever recommended that mod for this issue, much appreciated !

but where is the mod? This whole thread is useless. Everyone says “hey I have the same problem” and there is no solution.