Landing Challenge - Airliners & Autothrust

Hi Everyone. General question. When landing an airliner for the landing challenges do you do it with Autothrust and Speed Control, or do you manage the throttle fully manually? Or something else? Thanks for any tips!

For most challenges, you manually control flight speed.
On commercial aircraft in strong winds, it’s a lot of fun to manipulate the plane’s response when there’s a crosswind.

Cool thanks for the response @corpse007.

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However, when flying a commercial aircraft, if it keeps stalling due to strong headwinds, it is also a good idea to leave the speed maintenance to the flight computer…

But descend in that case using altitude and speed control?

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If you get too much help, it’s no fun… Just the speed…
Even if you set the altitude, if the yoke moves during the runway alignment process, the autopilot will be disengaged, right? (Some models…)
It will be another difficult challenge to input the ILS landing to the FMC in the short time given.
I’ve never tried it :slight_smile:

I personally do it with A/T (autothrottle), but only for airliners. In the A320 and especially the 747 it helps me out a ton. In the strong wind challenges, it is really useful not to have to watch the airspeed constantly.

Cool thanks. So you are managing pitch manually with an appropriate landing speed and letting the autothrust handle that part of it. ??

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I just set the speed at the beginning of the landing challenge, set full flaps and extend the gear. On touchdown, I set the throttle(s) to idle/reverse which deactivates autothrottle.

Hope I could answer your question!

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