Landing the cesna cj4

I am having a little trouble landing the Cesna CJ4 . When I put down the flaps it tends to go into a stall.

  • Should I add power of put the flaps back up when I start to stall on landing

What should the throttle setting be on landing.


Sounds like you might be flying to slow when you extend flaps which reduces speed to stall level? Keep the power up a bit before extending flaps. Vref will depend on a number of factors including weight, weather etc. also…throttle setting again will depend on conditions. Try and search for some king air reference material online that should help

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Your throttle should be 55/60% at full flaps.

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I’m not sure how closely the stock CJ4 corresponds to Working Title’s mod; the “send your Vref and Vapp speeds to the PFD” feature of the mod is very helpful because you get some magenta markers on your speed tape. The speeds and flap settings in the diagram may still be helpful. The attached “Approach” page is excerpted from their manual


my first quick idea, check speed brake/spoilers to have them not extended. This can be most possible problem what i can imagine because CJ4 is quite stable to my experience.