Las Vegas City Bundle unusable

Since I purchased this DLC, I have been unable to take off or view MCcarran Airport or the city of Las Vegas. While either using the drone camera to look around the area or while on the runway getting ready to take off, I get completely booted from the game.It happens every time. Currently unusable DLC


There is a bug on Xbox where having more than one enhancement to a specific location will cause what you are describing.

It will happen if you have, say, Chicago Landmarks and Chicago Night Enhancements installed at the same time.

It is also my understanding (I may be wrong) that having an add-on enhancement in a city that has been improved by the World Update may cause that, too. I’d think Las Vegas would fall under that category.

See deep in this thread regarding the bug. Your only solution, at this time, is to uninstall the enhancement or fly nowhere near the area when it is installed. Again, see the bug in the thread.

Try flying from an airport a little bit further away, the two DLC should work together. It’s a bug in the OS while it searches content for that area and crashes with duplicates.
See this topic: Third Party Developers, PLEASE READ

It’s the same for me, impossible to take off from McCarran, CTD immediately. On the other hand, taking off from North Las Vegas and monitoring the city is not a problem.