Latest mandatory update cleared my accumulated hours in my profile

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Was notified of the mandatory update upon starting the simulator and went to the content manager to allow it to be downloaded and installed.

Restarted the simulator and all 3,100+ hours of my accumulated tally had been wiped out–now shows “0HRS” and my logbook is empty as well.

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No joy… I’m resigned to starting over at ground zero.

It’s a meaningless stat anyway…

Official topic with more troubleshooting steps:

So sorry, but I’m NOT going to do any more “troubleshooting” for you.

Put some engineers on it and solve it.

I changed NOTHING and one day, something you sent me broke it. Develop the fix and send me the fix for it.

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As mentioned in below post, they are working on it. Meanwhile they find a definitive fix, they propose some workarounds that hopefully can work for a majority of users. Yes you need to spend some time to apply and test them, not the most entertaining thing I agree :frowning: , but at least they exist.

Continuing the discussion from [KNOWN ISSUE] Authentication/Insert Disc/Logbook Lost/Unable to sync with cloud etc:

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