Latest SR-71 Blackbird preview from MilViz

No release date or detail were given so far.


Isn’t everything about it impossible now…

…as in it operates higher and faster than the sim is built for currently?


I think they have to built a functional KC-135 to actually simulate the mission. But most of people here will probably use it to fly mach loop or land at Lukla.


We’ve got planes now that can (or at least should be able to) do Mach 2. I’m not aware of them being unable to. And I’ve seen screenshots of people trying to “fly to space” (possibly slew mode, IDK) so it’s unclear to me whether operational altitudes are currently possible or not.

The aerodynamic and handling character at mach3 is very different from subsonic flight.

You can watch this interview to know more about it

I wish MilViz can add an AI RSO like the AEF from PMDG to help people go through the procedures and checklists.



Having tried it (flying very fast) with online data active in the fastest 3rd party aircraft available to the sim (and of course with increased sim rate) I recommend not looking outside the cockpit when travelling very fast…

Yeah but you’d only get the Mach 3 at 80,000 feet…


We’re a bit late to the punch but better late than never!

To commemorate the 57th anniversary of the SR-71’s first flight, we thought we’d share some work-in-progress previews of our upcoming Blackbird parked inside one of the hangars at Beale Air Force Base!

The cockpits are currently being retextured after an extensive model overhaul, with systems work progressing nicely alongside. We expect to be sharing much more about this iconic speed machine in the first quarter of 2022, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for what we have in store!




Great previews. One of the many unique traits of the SR-71… wonder if it’s do-able? :smiley:

Happy (chilly SR-71) Christmas !

*above image is public domain btw - Frozen Blackbird


Dutch, who is the lead dev on this, will be able to better answer your questions…

This is the Dutch mentioned by Colin, project lead and systems coder for the SR-71.

I’m happy to answer questions about our WIP simulation of the SR.

Some general information first. The real-world SR-71 is not some kind of super jet that can work miracles, despite how it looks. It’s a special purpose airplane that has a rather narrow flight envelop. It’s delicate and must be handled carefully. You won’t be able to just firewall the throttles and go buzz your house at mach 3. You will be able to reach mach 3.2 at 85,000 feet, but getting there requires precise procedures and getting back down is even more challenging.

In our simulation 95% of the systems code will be custom and the flight model will be custom. We have run some feasibility tests for flight at those speeds and altitudes and don’t believe we’ll have any difficulties in MSFS doing it.

Our goal is to include everything unique about the SR-71 that we possibly can, in addition to a complete pilot’s simulation of every control and system. The infamous fuel drip is certainly doable.

The current status is that the final work on the interior texturing is being done now and should be finished in January, which is when we can ramp up to 100% effort on migrating the existing systems code and developing the advanced custom flight model. We’re aiming to go to beta in early Summer of 2022.

I’ll answer any other questions you may have as best I can.


Fantastic to hear that this will not be dumbed down. I do have two questions-

How are you planning to handle the copious amount of refueling that was required for missions?

Will the RSO station be modeled? I’d imagine not much of its functionality is transferable to MSFS.

Not sure and no, the RSO station will be modeled but, for the most part, inop.

Really interested in this! Looking great!

We will have some refueling options. Precisely how hasn’t been decided yet, but refueling was part of every SR flight except for the shortest ones.


We’re not letting you be an RSO in this iteration, but do plan to provide some RSO AI so you can interact with your virtual RSO in a realistic way.


It would be awesome if the AI RSO could be instructed to begin a photo run and then have the sim’s rendering engine take a strip of highly-magnified images/video from 80,000’. :slight_smile:

As for refueling options, you could take a page from the way DC Desgins/SC Designs does it: have a switch in the cockpit that triggers a simulated aerial refueling and add 25% more gas to the jet. Of course, for the SR71, you should limit that functionality to straight and level flight between like 18,000 - 25,000’ or so, and speeds under Mach 0.6or so, and take several minutes to complete.