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This latest beta update (earlier in the week) has decreased performance and FPS for me. I’m on a 4090, i9-13900k and have noticed performance is about 10% to 15% less than SU11.

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Usually in the upper 90s in this area (KDFW).

@ ChaiManNova The first question was:

Have you disabled/removed all your mods and add-ons?

The user answered:

Maybe @ moxiejeff should remove any mods and add-ons and then see if you still have performace issues.
These things are known to impact Beta testing.

Also this is Beta test, the whole point is to test before an official release so it is not worth having a rant as this is not a final version.

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Are we SERIOUSLY complaining about getting 73 FPS in a major metropolitan area? Some people…I could get 73 too if I wanted but I’d be looking at the floor of the plane the entire time.


No matter how much hardware you throw at a problem, unless the solution is designed to use that resource, it won’t be optimised for that. And MSFS is not designed to use 16 cores 32 threads. Some problems are inherently not parallelizable (don’t know if that’s and actual word) and cannot be put on seperate cores. If you force it to run on multiple cores, it can actually decrease in performance. I am not saying that MSFS is as optimised as it can ever be, there is definitely room for improvement. But it probably won’t be solved by having a lot of cores.

The other aspect is that optimization takes time and expertise. Being an enterprise programmer I know that it takes a lot of time and expertise to optimize large diverse codebase. Plus since MSFS core is based on FSX codebase which was not written or maintained by asobo, it’s expected that it will take even more time for them to understand the bottlenecks in the system and optimize them. The expertise needed for this is expensive and not easy to come by. You will find a lot of developers who can write good code in JS or C# or Python. Nothing against those developers, but it’s much harder to find developers who write good C/C++ code.

So, jist of the matter is optimization will come as Asobo engineers become more and more familiar with the FSX part of the codebase and replace them part by part with their own. But as customers we just have to accept the reality and stop throwing hardware at it with and expectation of a magic fix.


I have noticed minor performance drop overall, but not to that extent. And performance is pretty inconsistent for me from run to run. So i try to restart the sim after every flight or every flight load when testing for performance. Make sure you are not having any issue like that. For me, there is a more annoying issue, which results in a periodic frame time spike which causes a stutter every 2 seconds or so. This usually happens if i quit out to main menu and then again load the flight. I am not sure if this used to happen before or not, but because of the parking spot being changed ot rw bug, i am having to do this a bit more frequently.


Then why are you posting your comment in a thread specifially for testing the Beta?

There are plenty of threads related to Performance Issues, this thread is specific for the testing of Sim Update 12 Beta


Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I have been experiencing stutters and freezes since update that we’re not occurring with the previous version

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Just installed the beta yesterday. About -10% FPS in my default scenario compared to live version.

Stutters occuring related to either simconnect/FSUIPC apps. Updated to latest FSUIPC but there are some frequent stutters still occuring after about 2hrs in the flight. They go away when closing tracking apps that are reading data trough simconnect or fsuipc. Was not able to verufy where exactly they come from. But somethings going on there…


FSUIPC has already been identified as an issue for the Beta. Beta should close either today or Monday.

So how come then guys if this is knowen performance issue that Beta gives -10% fps why would beta be stopped and realised ? Someone very smart in this page told me that! Oh now this is beta the all point of beta is preventing of issue going in to stable version! So what I see is stable update is to come out next week and we still have performance issue -10% that is not good guys! Before realise we should have improved performance not decreased!


Dude chill just because some are experiencing some performances issue doesn’t mean we all do. Most of us are seeing amazing performance in this beta and that’s with everything complex. Just wait until the final version is released then see if you have great performance.


Lots of things were added this beta. The simulation in the background gets more complex with every update. Of course there will be a performance impact. Performance is still great for me, but a few fps less. When i say 10%, i mean 45 instead of 50 before in the same scenario.

The bigger issue are the stutters with fsuipc/simconnect. But that will be sorted soon, i assume.

As far as the human eye can tell, anywhere between 20-30 FPS is playable, 30 being about the eyes’ max/optimum. So unless you’re hitting below 20-30 FPS in 9/10 scenarios, there’s no reason to really be upset.


I’ve been a part of every single beta since day 1. I know when to remove the mods. I don’t believe my mods have any performance impact since they all work fine in SU11. SU12b, on the day I posted, was definitely not good performance.


Yes, I can confirm. My performance today is more normal than it was when I posted this. I even uninstalled my Nvidia driver fully, reinstalled to see if that makes any difference.

To those trying to ‘school me’ on “complaining about 70fps” – show me once where I was complaining? Performance has been inconsistent at best in SU12 beta. Reporting as requested.


Those of us testing SU12 beta are aware of FSUIPC and I even have the “fixed” version of FSUIPC. No issues today; but a couple of days ago SU12 beta kept stuttering, dropping significantly FPS. I wasn’t even using a mod plane… so there was something definitely going on. I DDU’d my driver and reinstalled a previous driver and that has provided a more stable performance for me today.

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As with any type of software testing it is always best to remove any 3rd party mods or plugins that was not created in-house so that you have a good sanitized starting point from a coding point of view so that you can determine where issues may arise.

My comment was ment more of a precedual start point to help you out.

Good to know that you have a more stable performance.

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Ehm, idk if i had some broken files or anything. But the small update today just brought my performance back!

With the current live build, i got bit less than 60FPS on Ultra at LOIH in the C172 on RW05.
With the SU12 Beta this dropped to about 45 FPS.

Just yeserday evening i checked again, with DLSS on (quality) i tog 70+ FPS in live build.
In the beta build, not even 60FPS at this scenario.

But now, after this update, all is back as before!

Either something was broken on my end, or they found the performance “bug” and fixed it.

Can someone confirm?

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This has been disproven so many times it isn’t funny. anyone who thinks 30 and 60 fps looks the same … schedule an eye dr. appointment.


Sure, send me the $ for the copay. :laughing: I never said it’s the same. I said that around 30 is the eye’s natural processing speed. Anything above 30 is just a faster version of what is pretty much fluid. I also said it’s playable. Also, there’s been a ton of debunking by hardcore gamers that higher FPS only have a benefit for first person type shooter games. Lots of ‘pro’ gamers in FS lock their frames at 30 FPS because that’s about what is necessary/the goal/standard for a smooth experience. Anything higher than 30 is nice but not needed.